Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I can remember in younger years thinking that it would be so great to take a respite in a spa somewhere in Hot Springs, AK..or the like....A place where you could pamper yourself physically and simply relax your mind....

HOW AWESOME that my Father has provided a constant, daily - even hourly renewal and refreshing of body, soul and spirit...and it doesn't cost me a dime, and I don't have to travel cross-country to get is delivered (free shipping) to my door upon request.....

Ephesians 4:23-24 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that you put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

(What does the picture have to do with this? Absolutely nothing - I just like it)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Amazing Grace

As I "Googled" certain ministers of the Gospel who preach GRACE rather than legalism, I found exactly what I thought I'd find: Criticism and Name Calling (False Prophets).
This makes me a bit sad.

Grace is not a popular message. People would much rather be given a set of rules to follow - a standard to measure against. And if we accept the Gospel of Grace, it takes away our "scales" on which we measure another believer's "credibility." (God forbid that we should relax our stone throwing arms!). And if the believer cannot stand (in our sight) then the poor unbeliever has no chance at all.....

We are a people/society that has been birthed (physically) and nurtured on the "do's and don'ts" of society and the 10 commandments. Rules and regulations, we love them. It is foreign to us to even try to undertand that a person could be driven/compelled to do what is right unless we first point out to them what is WRONG.....

Grace doesn't work that way. The new covenant of Christ doesn't work that way. 
Do you realize that Jesus was beaten to the point that his internal organs were exposed so that we would NOT have to be bound by rules and regulations? Good works count for nothing.

Now, no doubt some will be "rising up" right now and thinking that I am endorsing "license" to sin....No, my friend, not at all....hear what the Apostle Paul says, and I agree

"For the love of Christ compels (to be "compelled" is to be driven/directed/guided) us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.

 Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh (We cannot make an assumption about any person based on what we SEE). Even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him thus no longer.  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;old things have passed away  (we are compelled to do NEW things...things that follow after the teachings of Christ and the Scriptures); behold, all things have become new.  Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation,  that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.

Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.  For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. "      2 Cor 5:14-21 - (words in italics are MINE and meant to be emphatic - not adding to).

Grace. Not works. Lest we brag (or condemn).

LOVE compells us to follow Christ, and love alone. GRACE is how we obtain that love. Grace alone.

No, Grace preaching is not popular. And although that makes me a bit sad, I know that God is in control...His Word will accomplish what He sent it to do (The WORD became Flesh)...through Grace.....regardless of the critics....Amen, and Amen.

(the picture may appear to have nothing to do with the writing, but when I painted this last year I entitled it,  "We are His Masterpiece - He applies the Blood"...hope that makes sense.)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes, OH YES.

A couple of years back, I had to make some major decisions...I had to let go of the things I held on to for comfort...I began a journey and it started with one step. I walked into a life where nothing was my own...resources depleted...and I stood before God an empty vessel...I had no where else to turn...The rigors and inconveniences of the life I led for 12 months were beyond what some would be willing to accept/do/commit to finish...I stood with my emptied out self and I refused to look back...I held my hands out until God took them in His...and He did...Today I forgo some of the things that others would think they have to have..but my life is full to needs are more than met and my wants are sometimes given to me before I ask....Was the "sacrifice" worth it?...There is not a "YES" that would echo far enough and loud enough sufficiently answer....I don't know what else to say. ~vsw 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Know Who You Are....

Lucifer had no power in Eden. None. He could not "mess it up." It wasn't in his power to touch a thing in the garden. Nothing. Man was in charge. It was "Adamville, Incorporated." Not one street light could be put up without Adam's seal of approval. Adam ruled. Adam ran the show. Adam was The Godfather (or in the case, The Godson)...

So how in Adam's name did it all go south?? (and by the way, why is it when bad things happen we say things "went south"?..being a southerner by birth and now by choice, I really don't like this.....but I digress)

Strategy, my friends. Trickery.

Satan wasn't really sure that Eve had been informed of her "status." I mean, Adam WAS in charge...and he MAY have told her about the authority thing..he MAY have told her she was created just a little lower than אלהים 'Elohiym...but maybe he HADN'T told her....It was worth a shot, huh?

So decked out in his Sunday best...looking like the Fred Astaire of the Garden....Satan sidles on up to Eve and strikes up an interesting conversation.

"My, my, Miss Eve, you are looking as lovely as usual on this fine Eden afternoon!" He bows to her.

"Well, thank you kind sir!" she batts her eyelashes, "I'm sorry, I don't believe we have met?"
"Indeed?" Satan asks, "Perhaps we have not, but I am fast friends with your husband, Adam. We worked on our thesis' together at the University." (remember, he is a LIAR)
"Oh, well then, any friend and colleague of Adam's......." Eve relpies coyly.

By this time, I imagine that they were strolling through the trees. Satan stops her at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He points out its beauty and says it's one of his favorites. He probably added that he and God had often shared it's fruit together. (At which point he reaches up and plucks of a succulant apple/pear/plum...)

Holding the fruit in his hand and extolling its goodness, he offers her a taste.

"Oh, no! I couldn't!" she stammers...."God said we could not eat from this tree!"

"Oh really???" I'm sure he winked at her here, "That God! He's a little dramatic at times. I've known Him a long, long time, and the truth is, He knows if you eat this fruit, you'll be as smart as Him. You will in fact, be LIKE Him."

Guys, at this point, Eve should have said, "Look, Dude. You don't know what you're talking about. I AM like God." (A little lower, but in the image and likeness)

Satan took a chance with Eve. He was speculating. He gambled on her NOT knowing the truth.

So, she took a bite.

Adam came home, saw the damage done, copped out, and HE took a bite.

At that point, and that point ONLY, was Satan given any authority over the Garden and its inhabitants.

Adam and Eve handed him the keys to the city. Mankind had fallen. Satan ruled.

It's a sad story of deceit and ignorance on Eve's part, but thank God, it doesn't end here.

Some centuries later, Jesus provided the avenue of redemption. He bought back, with His Blood, what man lost in the garden. Through Him, man is restored to his rightful place. Complete authority reinstated.

If you are in Christ, then Satan has no more authoity over you now, than he had over Eve BEFORE she bit into that fruit. He (Satan) will lie to you at every turn and try to convince you that he has more strength, more power, and more ability than you could possibly have. He is a LIAR. Always has been. Always will be. And that's all he is.

You are BOUGHT with a price.

Satan is UNDER your feet.

Don't let him trick you the way he tricked Eve.
You hear?

Saturday, July 21, 2012


"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19
Can I just ask you this....If you belong to Him, I mean if you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that you belong to Him, then why do you worry? (I f I need to wikipedia the word "worry" I can do that)
When I became a Child of the King, I became an heir to all that this implies. Joint-heirs with Jesus. And guys, it's not "pie in the sky"'s here and now stuff. It's not, "some glad morning, when this life is over, I'll fly away"'s December 21, 2011 stuff.
God is on the Throne. God is my father. God created the heavens and the earth. He owns it ALL, and because I am His child, it's all mine as well. You don't have to believe that, but your unbelief doesn't nullify fact.
We sing that Jesus could have called ten thousand angels. Same is true for us.
Do you think my Father wants me to worry about my future? In fact, did He not instruct us NOT to worry? I have a feeling that the devil would love to occupy our time working out solutions to all the coming woes of this civilization - as long as he keeps us from proclaiming Christ.
It is a natural thing for mankind to be concerned about his physical needs....and here's a clue....the word "NATURAL."
We are no longer of this world. We are IN this world, but not of this world. The "natural" is not our nature anymore.
We were never intended to live with our concern being focused on the physical...however, we have been conditioned by society to put physical needs first....It is up to US to change the way we think about this won't happen automatically.
We are 1/3 physical and 2/3 spiritual. We are not bodies with a spirit. We are Spirits wearing physical suits in order to live in a foreign environment.
I'm here to hold out HOPE. And when I say HOPE, I don't mean something you can "wish" for - I mean something God has promised. This is the Hope He gives....that if we are IN Him, we do not have to fear the future. Period. He owns it all, and He is going to take care of His children.
So....the message is not "the sky is falling!" (sorry to those who don't know the gloom and doom of Chicken Little) "hurry up and take cover"....the message is: He WILL supply all our needs according to HIS riches.
Now, why would I doubt this? Why would you?
We live in a high stress world - but we don't have to buy the lie. My Father owns the cattle on 1000 hills...He owns the hills...He CREATED the hills. Me worry? Nah.
The true URGENCY...the thing the devil doesn't want us to the need to share the message of Christ to a world who does not know Him. Because in the long run guys....that is all that will ever really matter.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Walk

There is a charming little man
Who loves to take me walking through the garden of my memories.
And he points to golden sunsets
 and sunrises the color of Jonagold apples….
He begs me pick a basket full of prolific wistfulness.
But I refuse
I will not hold his hand however much he beckons
For it is a sad enough fact that I uncloak my royalty and agree to walk with him at all.
He whimpers when I leave him, walk unfinished
For he knows that I have seen beneath his charm
And have returned to Father’s House.

My Future Husband

There is a man walking through life just as I,
With eyes on God, he lets his humanity show…
Asking Father if he will allow his latter years
To be blessed with the mate of Father’s choosing…
He isn’t looking, but his eyes are open to movement.
He isn’t longing,
 but he knows that holding hands can soothe
He doesn’t feel empty.
But he knows that overflow is priceless
And so he walks alone, content
Knowing that when the fullness of time has come,
God will lead him to me.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alabaster Boxes....Going Deeper with God...

God has given me something to write this morning and I rejoice in that because it doesn't always come easy.

I approached Him with some "issues" of my own and the conversation went something like this: God, I feel out of the loop with you so I am confessing some things and asking for Your revelation:

  • Show me the beam in my own eye.
  • Show me how to increase my faith.
  • Teach me how to pray more effectively
  • Make me more effective for the Kingdom
  • Take the desire for _________(not relevant to this blog) completely away from me.
  • Show me how to pursue my vision for _____________(personal and not relevant)
After writing these things down (am I the only one who sometimes forgets what I ask Him for?), I began to study and reflect and He impressed some things on my heart.

There is no "secret formula" or "magic" words for unlocking all the treasures of God's anointing in our lives. It is a journey that begins at the cross with repentance and accepting Him as our atonement for sin. It is at the foot of the cross that we receive the Keys to the Kingdom, but that isn't the whole of it - that isn't the end - that is only the beginning.

God wants us to break open our alabaster boxes as Mary did in Luke's Gospel, and anoint Him. Instead of sitting at the foot of the cross admiring it's grotesque beauty...waiting for Him to anoint ME...He wants ME to break open my box of things that are precious to me...and anoint HIM....Giving HIM all that I hold dear and pursing Him at all costs.

At the foot of the cross is a wondrous place to be, but He doesn't want me to sit there - He wants me to get up and pursue His presence. Jesus came down from the cross and ascended to Heaven....and He has given us the invitation to follow Him - not upon the death of this physical body...but NOW...He is saying "Come up hither." In fact He has said that I AM seated in the heavens with Him NOW. He beckons me to rise up from the foot of the cross where the comfort of the work of the blood pools around me, and uncover the mysteries hidden FOR me.

I think that sometimes we wait there at the foot of the cross for a lightning bolt to illuminate all of the mysteries of God...and that isn't how it works.
He said, "In my Father's house are MANY mansions." We enter the Father's house at the Cross, but it is up to us to unlock the treasures hidden for us in each room (mansion) by pursuing God. Not by our works, but by total surrender and ACTIVELY SEEKING God. A breaking open, if you will, of our Alabaster Boxes of oil and anointing Him.

He will give us a guided tour - unlocking mystery after mystery of His goodness and His power and His divine will....But as He guides we must FOLLOW or we are left standing in the foyer waiting for something to come to us when He is saying "Come to ME!"

Father, implore us, encourage us, to leave the comfort zone of the Cross and follow YOU into full discipleship. I ask this in the authority of the name of your Son, Jesus ~ Amen.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

“Overcoming” Addiction"

Our nation is flooded with slogans concerning “kicking the habit” of drug addiction. Three of the most recognized, and perhaps often repeated words in drug abuse/prevention circles are “Just Say No.” Billboards and bumper stickers display one of the most recognizable acronyms of our generation: D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). Our children are exposed to those three words and taught classes by those who represent the acronym at a very early age in our public education arena.

So why then are we looking at the truth of the following statistics:
  • ·         Between 149 million and 271 million people worldwide used an illicit drug at least once in 2009; which equals 1 in 20 people aged 15 to 64 who have used an illegal drug.
  • ·         In North America, nearly 11% of the population aged 15 to 64 used cannabis in 2009.
  • ·         Between 14 million and 56 million people aged 15 to 64 worldwide used amphetamine-type stimulants, such as speed and crystal meth.
  • ·         Cocaine use was highest in North America in 2009, and it had 14 million to 21 million users worldwide. 
  • ·         Opioid use, including heroin, had an estimated 12 million to 21 million users globally. The highest rates of use were in the Near and Middle East, where up to 1.4% of the population aged 15 to 64 had tried the drug at least once in 2009. 
  • ·         There are between 11 million and 21 million people who inject drugs worldwide. 

The answer is simple and lies in two radical opposites of the above slogan and acronym. Escaping the death clutch of addition is not about saying no as the slogan urges, it is about saying a resounding “YES!” to accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. And it isn’t about the “resistance” in the acronym, it is about total SURRENDER of your life to that Savior.

And nothing else works. Nothing.

It is now March, 2014. For the past 4 years I have had the opportunity of personally observing the lives of people who are tackling the grip addiction on their lives, through Christ-centered recovery. Prior to 2010, there were periods in my own life where I watched this same process (up close and personal) through secular methods. Here is what I have learned, and will be so bold as to say I know to be TRUE: If Christ is not put in the forefront and made to be Lord (look up the definition of “Lord” so you will not be thinking of the title in a “religious” way) of a person’s life – then SOMETHING ELSE WILL. And if “something else” is “Lord” of a person’s life….that person will follow the dictates of that “Lord.”

Since April of 2010, I have watched the lives of those who said “YES” to the acceptance of Jesus as Savior. I have seen total deliverance from substance abuse and I have watched many men and women go back to their homes with a new identity and the tools for living a “drug-free” life.

And I have seen some fail.

And I have seen those same men and women who were totally delivered from substance abuse, pick that same substance back up, and use again.

So, you are asking if, “just say YES” to Jesus works, then why does what secular society calls “relapse” occur? Back up four paragraphs: “If Christ is not put in the forefront and made to be Lord of a person’s life – then something ELSE will.” And there you have your answer, and the perfect segue to the second “opposite” – SURRENDER instead of “resistance.”

Many times, a former addict who has accepted Christ, is like the seed mentioned in the Bible in Matthew 13 :5: “Some (seed) fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow.” They are so extremely hyped about their new identity in Christ and their deliverance from substances that they “blossom,” or “spring up” immediately…..but they fail to dig in to the “soil.” Digging into the soil is the “surrender” part. Unless a person totally surrenders, and by “totally” I mean TOTALLY….then there will be no deeply planted seed, and the plant will not have strong roots to hold it against the temptations of the world.

A totally surrendered person will make some lifestyle changes other than tossing addiction out the window. Addition SEEMS to be the biggie here, but it is not, it is simply the by product of corrupt roots (that have never been redeemed/transformed by the blood of Christ) or shallow roots (saved but not surrendered) that could not hold their ground.

Total surrender requires, or may I go so far as to say DEMANDS, that a person change what they are looking at, what they are listening to, what they are reading, and what they are talking about. Am I getting legalistic? No, I am being REAListic. Christ has got to become the ONE thing in your life that you seek. What you listen to, what you read, what you watch on T.V., what you talk about…all of this (as much as possible) needs to be Christ-centered. As a person seeks an intimate relationship with Christ, the roots of the new life grow deeper into the good soil and strength is gained.

To put it very bluntly….Life must now become about what He wants you to do…where He wants you to go…what HE wants you to learn. Not about material needs or relationship wants. If a person makes materialistic needs “Lord”, then that Lord will dictate their life. If a person makes relationship needs and wants “Lord”, then that Lord will dictate their life. And by “dictate” I mean that every decision made will be based on that materialist desire or relationship need. The Bible tells us very clearly in Matthew 6:33, that we must seek HIM first and in doing so HE will supply all of our needs in EVERY area of our lives.

Most of us were taught the 10 Commandments as children, or have at least learned their Biblical importance as adults. When God told Moses to write “Thou shalt have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME,” I believe He was instructing us on how to be “overcomers.”

I began this writing to make a very simple point: If Jesus is not Savior and Lord of your life, then “just saying no” and D.A.R.E. programs will never work, and I have gotten more detailed than I planned. Let me sum it up with this warning:
If we do not say YES to Him, and SURRENDER totally to Him, then our mind and our thoughts will take us to other avenues and we will put other “Lords” in place in our lives. With other Lords, we may not fall back into addition, but the end result of following that “Lord” will be just as devastating. Joy, strength and victory will only come by making a total, 100% commitment to making Christ the Lord of our lives. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit FIRST. Anything less will NOT suffice.

Revelation 12:11 speaks of those who are rejoicing because “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” In this verse, the writer is talking about those who escaped the great tribulation. But I submit to you that God makes this same promise to those who value HIM more than any other thing in their lives. Overcome addiction? Say “Yes,” and then “surrender.” 

(Reach out for hope:

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Automatic For The People...more than a R.E.M. Album....

If you think God can't speak in unusual ways, such as through the name of a rock group's album, then don't read this.

Sitting in church service awhile back, listening to the praise and worship, I bowed my head, and God spoke to me. And don't laugh, because this is what he said: "R.E.M., Automatic For the People." And of course, I said, huh?

I was pretty sure that made no sense whatsoever. But just as sure as I was of that, I was also sure that it came from God, so I did what comes natural to me....I Googled it.

I read about R.E.M., the group, looking for clues. What was God wanting me to see? I looked up the lyrics to every song on the album. Was there a message in there somewhere? I printed page after page of information on R.E.M., the group, and the history of the album. And I READ it all.

I came up blank, so I did what we do last: I prayed and asked God what in the world He was trying to say to me. And He answered.
It was simple, yet profound. He said, (I'm paraphrasing here) 'Vic, I have put you in a place chosen just for you, in a time that was chosen just for this assignment. I am giving you daily contact with a hurting world. You talk to them on the phone, and you look in their eyes. You see and you feel their pain. These are THE PEOPLE....and your assignment is to be are to automatically pray for these people the very MINUTE their need is made known to you. Look around you quickly...use rapid eye movement...and be automatic for the people. You pray Vickie, it's that simple, you just PRAY."

And this is a true story. I am reminded of it today because I am thumbing through a notebook and came across all my R.E.M. research....and I asked myself, 'Have I been true to this calling/ this assignment." Once again I am humbled by how God loves us in spite of our forgetfulness.....I thank Him that He never forgets...He is always Automatic for His People...

The Lord's Prayer for Saturday...Vickie style...

Today, I offer the "Vickie" version of the Lord's Prayer. May you agree with me that this will be done - in MY life, and YOURS....

Our Father,
(He reminds me that I do not have exclusive rights - that all of the redeemed are one Body, and to function properly we must recognize the importance of the other members of the body)
Who art in heaven, 
(He dwells in the third heaven, and He has told us that we are ALSO seated with Him there. Yet He also dwells IN us....what an unfathomable TRUTH)
Hallowed be Thy Name,
(You are me - help US, to understand "Holy")
Thy Kingdom come,
(You have told us that Your Kingdom is within US...may we walk, talk and think today in that Authority)
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,
(.......Usher in your Kingdom through Your Body...may be we united and strengthened for the building up of Your Kingdom, never forgetting that THIS is why we are here and that this IS Your will)
Give us this day our daily bread,
(We need the sustenance required to function in these bodies of clay for this time you have placed us on earth...Give us what we need THIS DAY to carry out Your commission...knowing full well that we only need a daily allowance, for we are only passing through on our Mission for You)
Forgive us our trespasses,
(If we have wronged any person, if there is a grudge or a hateful thought towards any person, bring this to our awareness and forgive this sin)
As we forgive those who trespass against us,
(We make a concerted effort RIGHT NOW to call to mind any person we have held any offense against - and we FORGIVE that person...and in doing so, we free ourselves from the bondage of unforgiveness) 
Lead us not into temptation,
(Father, we KNOW that you NEVER lead us into temptation...we are asking that you STEER US AWAY from any temptation the enemy may try to place in our path today)
Deliver us from evil,
(Let your Holy Spirit alert us to any snare of evil the enemy will try to place in our path today)
For Thine is the Kingdom,
(We are the members of Your Kingdom - we belong to YOU)
and the glory,
(We GLORIFY Your name)
Forever, and ever,
(Of your Kingdom - which includes every  member of the Body of Christ - there is NO END....all Glory to YOU throughout eternity....the vastness of which we really and truly have no concept)
(We agree with YOU, that this is done)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Gospel According to Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin penned a song in the early 70's that contained this line:
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run 
There's still time to change the road you're on. 

You know, there is good theology in that line, but there is also one large error of fact: There are MANY paths you can go by...if there were ONLY two, it would simplify things quite a bit.....

Paths, and choices. We all have them, we all make them. Sometimes the paths we choose are very distinctive, clear choices. Other times (and these are the dangerous ones) if we are not extremely careful, and extremely aware  of our surroundings, we can venture onto a path almost (and that's a key word here), ALMOST by accident.

All paths lead to somewhere. Some are short, some are long. It may take years on one journey and simply hours on another....

God gives us choices...paths to choose. But ultimately, We choose the direction we are going to take.

It would be wise for us to have all of our scouting tools tuned and working well as we journey through life. Take a wrong path that "looks" right, and hit a brick wall, or even worse, walk off a cliff. This brings me to a rephrasing of an age old questions "Which came first, the cliff (or wall), or the path?"

We like to say that 'we all fall down,' because it's true. But the fall doesn't begin when we step off the begins when we choose the wrong path.

Be careful where you walk. Let the One who created you be your Trail Master. Have your compass, your Guide Book (The Bible) ready in your hand and in your heart......

I don't know where you are today, or which direction you're facing. But 'as for me and my house', know the rest, and if you don't, it's in the Guide Book.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just some Vickie thoughts.....

Reading God Chasers....and this comes to mind:
"God is looking for hungry people. He is seeking people who are seeking Him. Indeed, He has bread from Heaven for us, and it is eternally satisfying".

We cannot afford to settle into the routine of a fenced-in life, not when God has magnificent realities awaiting. Let us, therefore, follow our hunger into the presence of God. ~ Divine Ministries....And Vickie says, I am a God chaser...I am not content to only know God historically - what He was to Abraham, David, Paul....or even what Jesus did on the cross....I am chasing Him. pursuing be a part of what He is doing NOW, today, this minute...(.4/28/12)

In the midst of a barren field, God will give you a glimpse of what is going on beneath the soil....but you have to be willing to look beyond the physical...Thank Him for what is not yet seen and push for the harvest that is sure to come......~vsw...A Thursday morning revelation . Sweet! (5/3/12)
Every day, every hour and usually every minute, we make conscious decisions on what is allowed to occupy our thoughts...We can choose to let the cares and confusion of the every day issues of life consume us, let what people say distract us, or we can choose to let our God consume those things that attack out peace....As for me and my house......we WILL serve the Lord.....Pursuing Him in perfect peace :)  (5/1/12)

My mind tells me to reject the supernatural as being "fake," or "hocus-pocus"...however the my spirit rises up and says that this rejection of the supernatural is what has rendered the Church Body powerless for centuries....(5/7/12)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fire Ants and Boom Boxes....

Remember the first time you were ever stung by a "fire" ant....maybe you were walking along not particularly paying attention to where you were stepping - and got you...

It's a simple bit of inconvenience when it happens...and if it's only ONE, then it only amounts to some itching later on and more inconvenience....but it's not something you would have chosen to experience, right?

Luke 10:19 tells us that God has given us authority. Authority to "overcome all the power of the enemy."

What does that have to do with fire ants? Everything. You see, I believe that everything physical mirrors a spiritual principle. In this case, the fire ants are our "enemy" (Satan). The day you accepted Christ as your Savior, you didn't just receive eternal life, but you also received every restoration of everything our infamous ancestor Adam, lost in Eden. Everything restored. All power, all authority.

Here's my point in all of this: Satan walks this earth making a lot of noise. The Bible says he roars as a Lion...Since you and I were not raised in the jungle or on the great plains, we may better relate to your neighbor's lawnmower when you are trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning...or...the annoying booming vibration of a car stereo blaring as is rolls down a quiet suburban street...In either of these cases (or any other you can think of) we know that the NOISE can't hurt us. Or can it?

Does the loud lawnmower cause you to frown, maybe even curse under your breath at your neighbor? How about the booming speakers? The noise is a simply an inconvenience...but how we handle the noise can rule your day...and ruin your day. Your attitude towards your neighbor is something Jesus is concerned with.....but I digress...

Getting back to the ants: Satan has no more power over your life as a believer, than these fire ants. He can (and will) cause you many inconveniences....he will bring a lot of noise into your life. 

God has given us the "power of the nozzle" so to speak. What I mean by that, is when we are inconvenienced by the ant or the noise we can do one of two things: We can address the ant situation immediately, making sure we pay attention to where we WALK from that point forward...put a little "anti itch" cream on the bite," stop any whining and complaining and put the situation to rest. In other words, reach up and TURN OFF THE NOZZLE....don't let the flow of reaction increase. Same thing with NOISE....Turn off the nozzle....don't allow irritants to affect who you are in Christ. If you do, you will still be WHO YOU ARE, but you will not be effective for the Kingdom...and you will not experience the joy in the journey....(and where does our STRENGTH come from? THE JOY)......

ANYWAY. Bottom line: Satan truly is under our feet ALREADY as far as his authority in our lives...He can roar...he can try to deceive..he can toss out inconveniences....but that is ALL he can do.

Be careful where you walk...avoid the fire ants.
As for the noise? Earplugs? If not, shrug it is ONLY A can't hurt you if you don't allow it further access.

Have a very blessed and fruitful Sunday!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joy..and what it is NOT...

Joy is not laughter.
Joy is not feeling good.
You can cry, and be full of joy.
You can be having a terrible day, and still your joy is full....

What is joy? Oh my gosh, I wish I had the WORDS....Joy is a life inward "lifestyle," if you will... Joy is where you live at all times...a spiritual city whose founder and reigning authority, is The Most High God...To know God is to have access to joy, to seek God in ALL your ways is the key that allows joy to bubble up inside of you..and overflow...

On rainy days, when I am restricted to indoor activity...when it's cold outside...when I'm having a bad hair day... when what I wear to work doesn't "feel" right....when my co-workers are cranky....when my bank account is ANY and ALL joy is you hear me? MY JOY IS FULL....

I am smiling on the inside even when my face shows a frown of consternation or concentration (I'm working on that "frown" thing..)....because my joy is full.

When I walk, my feet touch down on clouds. Not because my circumstances are perfect (those of you how know me KNOW that isn't the case)...but because I am walking in the fullness of His joy....truly, truly,  guys, "the joy of the Lord is our strength."

Want strength? Get HIS Joy.
Want HIS joy? Get Him.

Need instructions?There is an instruction book: The Bible...Need directions on getting past the "begats" and the "Thee's and Thou's?" comment on this blog...

It is my hearts desire that you all have this JOY.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Next Big Thing

I am sitting in my world of people
who carry their scars under blankets of smiles, or scowls.
Laughter rings because I will it to be so.
I will my joy onto them
knowing that this is not how it works
but hoping and praying
That they will find what I have found
And as I enjoy my day
making small talk and feeling love
I wait for God to show me
The next big thing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dreams that take you underground.....

Woke up this morning from a strange dream that I really can't recall in full...Immediately my mind was pulled back in time to places and situations where I no longer dwell...I was taken to  my "underground" days...those days when I literally lived in a basement with a man I was involved with...It was my choice to be there at that time....

So, I started to pray along the lines of, 'Oh God, I'm so sorry....' and I stopped and thought : "Wait a minute, this is wrong...I repented from my old life a long time ago...God knows I don't live there anymore...He knows I never dwell on this so it isn't an issue I'm having to work through, or something I still need to forgive myself for....So, why IS this on my mind???"

And I saw his face again. The man I loved and lived with. I've seen his face several times lately in my mind, AND online in the news...So, I knew then what the memories are about....Praying for this man. He needs God. He needs a miracle. He needs an incorruptible seed to replace the Adamic, corruptible seed. He needs Jesus...and he is a hard nut to crack...his shell has layers of harded years wrapped around it....his heart? I have no idea if there is any softness left...but I know either way, God can change him.

So, I said, "God, I HAVE prayed for ________'s salvation MANY times. You KNOW the need. Are you asking me to beg? Are you asking me to keep telling you something you already know??"

This, I believe, is a valid question. Once we give something to God, isn't it a done deal? Well....maybe....

This morning I was reminded of the Scripture about the woman and the judge and how she just aggravated him so much that he finally gave in to her wants...(Luke 18)...and this Judge wasn't even a RIGHTEOUS Judge...So...yeah, I guess the answer in this case is...Yes, God does want me to keep bringing this subject up. I don't know WHY, because he IS God and he already knows the need, but for SOME reason, he wants ME to keep talking to him about my old friend.....

So I did, and so I will....and I will keep you posted....

Good blessed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Single/In a Relationship/Engaged"....Pick the RIGHT One.

I've got something that God wants me to say about relationships. At least I think it's about relationships.
I really want to get this right...and not speak in a hurry, but I have found that if I wait, or take it really slow, then the words won't always come....So, here goes....

Relationships are important. Sure they are. I am talking about the male/female relationship. A relationship is a good thing. Of course it is.... And in this same vein:

Money is important (to a degree). Sure it is. Without it, your mortgage company won't let you keep your house, your bank won't let you keep your car....the grocery story won't let you carry your groceries to the car. Money is a good thing. Of course it is.

Education is important. Sure it is. Without it, you could not sign your name to the check to send your mortgage company. You could not read the digits on the speedometer in your car....and you could not pick out a balanced meal in the grocery store.

There are many, many things in this life that are important. There are many that are good. Some are good and not so important, but still good......And my point is?

My point is FOCUS. My point is PRIORITY.

I pause here and do the heavy sigh thing <sigh>....because I am not quite sure how to word the rest of this message for the full impact of what I am trying to convey....bear with me....

Through the many social networks available, I "watch" as my friends, both far and near, put so much emphasis on relationships (the male/female kind).....The Christians seek Godly partners and rejoice when they meet on Monday and are "in a relationship" by Wednesday, and "engaged" by Friday...then "single" by Sunday. (Okay, so maybe sometimes it takes longer than a week, but you get the gist of what I am saying). And the same thing happens to my non-Christian friends. I watch as they post the pretty "broken but better for it" type posters....I watch them heal miraculously, and start the same process again...

It is as if the whole world is "starved" for a relationship. And indeed it is! It's as if everyone needs some "one" to complete them, and indeed they do! But here is the secret: Of all the things we desire that are needful and good (relationships included) there is only one thing that is absolutely essential to the quality of life. There is only one relationship that fulfills and "completes."  That One is God. That relationship, is a relationship with the one true God.

Many times I want to cry out, "Please, my friend, get THIS first! Understand THIS first! Seek God FIRST!"

There is so very much more I could say on this subject, and maybe I need to go further. But the thing I really want to get across is this: The strong desire we have to connect with another human, was put there by our Father. But until you and I are complete in our relationship with God, and by complete I mean, "sold out" "100% disciple" "don't NEED nothin'else"....until we are at THIS point - then any other relationship will not fulfil. It simply will not.

When we reach the point where we are totally in love with God, then, and only then, will our hearts be prepared to receive the life partner HE has prepared especially for us.

I think that's all I have to say. Except maybe, "slow down," wait on God. He brought you this far and He will take you the rest of the way.

And above all else: Seek God. Seek Him with all that  is within you. Muster all your passion and direct it towards your relationship with Him.....and just watch what happens.