Saturday, June 2, 2012

Automatic For The People...more than a R.E.M. Album....

If you think God can't speak in unusual ways, such as through the name of a rock group's album, then don't read this.

Sitting in church service awhile back, listening to the praise and worship, I bowed my head, and God spoke to me. And don't laugh, because this is what he said: "R.E.M., Automatic For the People." And of course, I said, huh?

I was pretty sure that made no sense whatsoever. But just as sure as I was of that, I was also sure that it came from God, so I did what comes natural to me....I Googled it.

I read about R.E.M., the group, looking for clues. What was God wanting me to see? I looked up the lyrics to every song on the album. Was there a message in there somewhere? I printed page after page of information on R.E.M., the group, and the history of the album. And I READ it all.

I came up blank, so I did what we do last: I prayed and asked God what in the world He was trying to say to me. And He answered.
It was simple, yet profound. He said, (I'm paraphrasing here) 'Vic, I have put you in a place chosen just for you, in a time that was chosen just for this assignment. I am giving you daily contact with a hurting world. You talk to them on the phone, and you look in their eyes. You see and you feel their pain. These are THE PEOPLE....and your assignment is to be are to automatically pray for these people the very MINUTE their need is made known to you. Look around you quickly...use rapid eye movement...and be automatic for the people. You pray Vickie, it's that simple, you just PRAY."

And this is a true story. I am reminded of it today because I am thumbing through a notebook and came across all my R.E.M. research....and I asked myself, 'Have I been true to this calling/ this assignment." Once again I am humbled by how God loves us in spite of our forgetfulness.....I thank Him that He never forgets...He is always Automatic for His People...

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