Monday, May 7, 2012

Just some Vickie thoughts.....

Reading God Chasers....and this comes to mind:
"God is looking for hungry people. He is seeking people who are seeking Him. Indeed, He has bread from Heaven for us, and it is eternally satisfying".

We cannot afford to settle into the routine of a fenced-in life, not when God has magnificent realities awaiting. Let us, therefore, follow our hunger into the presence of God. ~ Divine Ministries....And Vickie says, I am a God chaser...I am not content to only know God historically - what He was to Abraham, David, Paul....or even what Jesus did on the cross....I am chasing Him. pursuing be a part of what He is doing NOW, today, this minute...(.4/28/12)

In the midst of a barren field, God will give you a glimpse of what is going on beneath the soil....but you have to be willing to look beyond the physical...Thank Him for what is not yet seen and push for the harvest that is sure to come......~vsw...A Thursday morning revelation . Sweet! (5/3/12)
Every day, every hour and usually every minute, we make conscious decisions on what is allowed to occupy our thoughts...We can choose to let the cares and confusion of the every day issues of life consume us, let what people say distract us, or we can choose to let our God consume those things that attack out peace....As for me and my house......we WILL serve the Lord.....Pursuing Him in perfect peace :)  (5/1/12)

My mind tells me to reject the supernatural as being "fake," or "hocus-pocus"...however the my spirit rises up and says that this rejection of the supernatural is what has rendered the Church Body powerless for centuries....(5/7/12)

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