Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Know Who You Are....

Lucifer had no power in Eden. None. He could not "mess it up." It wasn't in his power to touch a thing in the garden. Nothing. Man was in charge. It was "Adamville, Incorporated." Not one street light could be put up without Adam's seal of approval. Adam ruled. Adam ran the show. Adam was The Godfather (or in the case, The Godson)...

So how in Adam's name did it all go south?? (and by the way, why is it when bad things happen we say things "went south"?..being a southerner by birth and now by choice, I really don't like this.....but I digress)

Strategy, my friends. Trickery.

Satan wasn't really sure that Eve had been informed of her "status." I mean, Adam WAS in charge...and he MAY have told her about the authority thing..he MAY have told her she was created just a little lower than אלהים 'Elohiym...but maybe he HADN'T told her....It was worth a shot, huh?

So decked out in his Sunday best...looking like the Fred Astaire of the Garden....Satan sidles on up to Eve and strikes up an interesting conversation.

"My, my, Miss Eve, you are looking as lovely as usual on this fine Eden afternoon!" He bows to her.

"Well, thank you kind sir!" she batts her eyelashes, "I'm sorry, I don't believe we have met?"
"Indeed?" Satan asks, "Perhaps we have not, but I am fast friends with your husband, Adam. We worked on our thesis' together at the University." (remember, he is a LIAR)
"Oh, well then, any friend and colleague of Adam's......." Eve relpies coyly.

By this time, I imagine that they were strolling through the trees. Satan stops her at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He points out its beauty and says it's one of his favorites. He probably added that he and God had often shared it's fruit together. (At which point he reaches up and plucks of a succulant apple/pear/plum...)

Holding the fruit in his hand and extolling its goodness, he offers her a taste.

"Oh, no! I couldn't!" she stammers...."God said we could not eat from this tree!"

"Oh really???" I'm sure he winked at her here, "That God! He's a little dramatic at times. I've known Him a long, long time, and the truth is, He knows if you eat this fruit, you'll be as smart as Him. You will in fact, be LIKE Him."

Guys, at this point, Eve should have said, "Look, Dude. You don't know what you're talking about. I AM like God." (A little lower, but in the image and likeness)

Satan took a chance with Eve. He was speculating. He gambled on her NOT knowing the truth.

So, she took a bite.

Adam came home, saw the damage done, copped out, and HE took a bite.

At that point, and that point ONLY, was Satan given any authority over the Garden and its inhabitants.

Adam and Eve handed him the keys to the city. Mankind had fallen. Satan ruled.

It's a sad story of deceit and ignorance on Eve's part, but thank God, it doesn't end here.

Some centuries later, Jesus provided the avenue of redemption. He bought back, with His Blood, what man lost in the garden. Through Him, man is restored to his rightful place. Complete authority reinstated.

If you are in Christ, then Satan has no more authoity over you now, than he had over Eve BEFORE she bit into that fruit. He (Satan) will lie to you at every turn and try to convince you that he has more strength, more power, and more ability than you could possibly have. He is a LIAR. Always has been. Always will be. And that's all he is.

You are BOUGHT with a price.

Satan is UNDER your feet.

Don't let him trick you the way he tricked Eve.
You hear?

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