Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Go There.....

Come over here and sit down. I want to tell you something.
Listen closely because it’s imperative to your life that you completely understand some things.
This is no joke.
This is not Top Secret material – the instructions for your mission aren’t going to self-destruct after you hear them – but these instructions are more important than anything any Secret Agent was ever given.
For they contain life, and moreover – the abundant life – and they will save your life if, and ONLY if, you listen and follow instruction. Okay. Got your attention yet?

You know that handsome guy you’ve been hanging out with occasionally? You know he’s not a Christian, right? I know that you know.
It’s true he has a good job, I know he has a nice vehicle, and I know he’s stable by the world’s standards. He has a little money put back, etc. I even know that he gives regularly to the Disabled Veterans Association and it’s a fact that he goes to every funeral to pay his last respects to anyone he knew who dies.
But you know he’s not a Christian, right?

Yes, he shows great diligence in taking care of his elderly mother. He calls her every day to check on her. He makes sure her A/C is working and her pipes don’t freeze.
But you know he’s not a Christian, right?
Never kicks his dog, or anyone else’s.
But he’s not a Christian.
He doesn’t know God – hasn’t visited the cross – doesn’t know he’s on the road to Hell. Literally.

Stay away from him.

Don’t go to his house. Don’t ride in his car. Don’t call him. Don’t write him. You can pray for him, but stay away from him! Let me tell you why:
He talks good game. His words make sense to you. You reason that he’s a good guy because he’s a solid citizen. He’s not really that immoral. He doesn’t sleep around with every girl he meets, right? He’s looking for a good woman. Looking for true love.
If you hang out with him, pretty soon those words he speaks are gonna worm their way into your heart. You’re gonna be influenced by him and his lifestyle – you’re gonna end up letting your emotions rule – you’ll end up in his bed (just knowing he’s the one). Then you’re gonna wake up confused. Heart torn in two directions. God on one side – him on the other.
If you go for the man and the life he appears to offer – you’re walking away from God. Oh, God will be there alright, but if you aren’t walking towards God, you’ve got to be putting distance between the two of you, right?
Distance from God results in darkness. You know this.
This man you want to give your heart to – realize that he is leading you to darkness!
Not because he himself is evil, but because you are choosing to focus on him, rather than focus on The Light.
You know this man is not a Christian.
He can’t walk in the light because he doesn’t know The Light.
 Doesn’t matter that he’s a “good guy”. Doesn’t matter that he has a good job and a bright future, that he respects friends, mother and animals, that he gives to a worthy cause or two. It just doesn’t matter. Follow him, you follow darkness and you embrace all that this implies.

So I’m just sayin’….Stay away from that man.
Put shoes on your wisdom and walk away.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Funerals are Hard....

My mother was sitting on the altar in a brass container, and I was sitting with the rest of the family wondering how they stuffed all that laughter, all that good natured complaining, all that sarcastic humor into an urn. I could picture her inside there, jumping up and down, yelling, “Let me out of here, I want to see how many people came to send me off!”

If funerals are hard, then mourning is even harder. Mourning is especially hard when your emotions are a mixture of laughter and tears. I mean, even surrounded by funeral music and family members dabbing at their eyes with tissues, I could feel a big bubble of laughter wanting to escape. Now, would that not have shocked them? But then, that is how my mother would have wanted it, would she not?  I mean, all those years she talked about how funerals were unnecessary expenses and how she did not want all those flowers when she was dead if no one sent them when she was alive. My mother had kept a mental file full of funny funeral stories. There was the time she and my aunt went to pay their respects to a co-worker who had passed. Back in those days, the bodies were laid out in homes. They were looking for a white house with a “slow funeral” sign. They found two, side  by side. Not sure where to go, they tossed a coin and went in to greet the bereaved. Of course, it was the wrong house but they played it cool. They shook hands with people they did not know, said the appropriate words,  and then when they exited the house, looked at each other,  and one of them remarked, “He looked the best I have ever seen him look!.” Now that was my grandmother.

Sitting in the church with the low key lighting and the soft music playing, I wondered, “Why do they not play ‘Mustang Sally?’” Her name was Sally, and she really would have appreciated the light-hearted gesture. Or would she?
When a person dies, when they are suspended between two worlds looking down, do they suddenly acquire a taste for the solemn? When they look at their own body lying there, or in this case, their ashes in a jar, do they suddenly wish they had said, “Yes, send flowers! Yes, cry and cry loudly! Yes, let everyone there know without a doubt that I am missed!” I wondered these things. And I wondered also how she would have felt if she were sitting in my place and I in hers.

The music stopped and the minister spoke. He did so with respect mingled with humor. It was very appropriate. This man really had known my mother, and he somehow seemed to know that with death even those who avoided the lime light in life, want to be acknowledged as having been semi-great in some sense of the word, once they have passed to the other side. He expounded on her greatness, while at the same time shedding light on her all too human traits. My mother loved to talk. The minister made the comment that he was surprised that God had not already sent her back because she was wearing out His ears. There was laughter, but there was also a great tenderness as he told about how her physical limitations no longer applied. She was now free of pain, no longer bed ridden. She had her voice back after years of living with a trachea tube in her throat, unable to speak.

He talked about how she made people laugh. He talked about how she came from a family of hard working, hard headed people. As he spoke, I realized that I fit into both categories. Looking around at my siblings, my children and their siblings, I smiled even as I wiped a tear away. As he continued to speak, a picture began to form in my mind. I saw her spirit hovering in the room, floating around and peering into each face in the congregation. At certain ones, she would have paused and wondered what in the world they were doing here. She probably did not even like some of them, but yet was pleased that they put in an appearance. I could imagine her critical eye on some of the clothing. She would have been wondering why so-and-so was wearing a tie, since she had never before seen him out of overalls. More than likely, she was thinking that my sister needed to go back home and take off some of her make up. Beyond those thoughts my mind rose higher to what awaited her upon her ascension to her new home. I knew God had better not offer her a mansion because she would be quick to put Him in his place and tell Him she was not about to get above her “raising.” I smiled again, and then I cried.

At the end of the service, we filed out into the courtyard. My niece had filled balloons with helium, and she offered one to each family member. The minister spoke once again and invited anyone else to speak who had a memory to share. There were some who shared stories, while others like me were silent, choosing to keep our thoughts to ourselves. It was a touching finale to a fitting tribute to her life.
When it is all said and done, you can say that life is a vapor, or you can say that life is a river. Both of these things are true. You can also say that the end of life is the cloud where the vapors gather, or the ocean where the rivers return. Or you can say the end of life is like getting a brand new Mustang. As the balloons were released and I watched them rise, I squinted against the bright afternoon sun. Smiling while streaming tears inwardly, all I could think of was, “Ride, Sally, ride.”

Works Cited: "Mustang Sally" is an R&B/straight-forward blues song written and first recorded by Sir Mack Rice in 1965.[1] It gained greater popularity when it was covered by Wilson Pickett on a single the following year. Pickett's version was also included on his 1967 album The Wicked Pickett.[2]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shades of Esther...a life fragrance...finale...

What follows is the remainder of the Book of Esther, converted to story with "types", which I began in my previous blog. Yes, it is quite long....but I believe you will find it interesting....and very enlightening. It is my prayer that this touches you as it touched me, and that you will see clearly the lesson contained in the Book of Esther....

At this point, Spirit had not revealed to Soul her relationship with the Holy Spirit.  She kept this secret at the advisement of the Holy Spirit. (The) Holy Spirit knew that God would make known at what future point Spirit’s connection to Him should be revealed.

Every day the Holy Spirit walked back and forth in front of the dwelling (heart) of Spirit to ensure her wellbeing, and to keep informed of all things that were happening to Spirit.

After a period of many months (12), it became time for all of the spirits to go to the Soul to seek approval. Each spirit had spent these (12) months preparing for this one chance to gain approval of, and influence over, the Soul. It was their desire to be chosen to become one with the Soul.

As it turned out, the Soul tried each spirit that was presented to him, and sent them away. When it came time for Sprit, adopted daughter of the Holy Spirit to go to the Soul, she took nothing with her except those things the Soul longed for. And the Soul loved the Spirit and the Spirit had favor with the Soul. Because of this, the Soul placed a crown on the head of Spirit and elevated her to the position of his wife. The Spirit and the Soul joined and became as one.

The Soul was exceedingly happy and began to celebrate in honor of his union with Spirit. The Soul was so happy that he proclaimed a holiday and began to give lavish gifts to others in the kingdom in honor of Spirit.

Meanwhile, The Holy Spirit waited patiently in an inconspicuous place and watched. At this time Spirit still had not revealed (or, “brought to light”) her relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Time passed and the Holy Spirit waited and watched. While he watched he observed some in the kingdom who had intentions of doing harm to the Soul. The Holy Spirit communicated this information to the Spirit and the Spirit revealed the information to the Soul, in the name of the Holy Spirit (with authority).

Because the Soul valued Spirit, he investigated the matter. He found the warning to be valid and he eliminated the threat that had been revealed.

When “the honeymoon was over,” so to speak, the Soul began to elevate the Flesh. The Soul gave the Flesh more power than any other thing in his life. All things under control of the Soul had to bow to the Flesh and honor the whims of the Flesh. However, the Holy Spirit (who still dwelt in the kingdom) refused to bow to the Flesh.

When some who were under the Souls command noticed this, they asked the Holy Spirit why he did not bow to the Flesh, but he remained silent. They tried to convince him to bow, but he would not so they reported this to the Flesh. They did this to test the power of the Holy Spirit  (because he claimed to be chosen of God).

After a time, the Flesh began to notice that the Holy Spirit was resisting his influence and it angered him. However, the Flesh did not attempt to approach the Holy Spirit because he had been told that the Holy Spirit had come from God. (You see, the Flesh was very well aware of the power of God.) However, regardless of his fear of God’s power, the Flesh soon sought to destroy the presence of the Holy Spirit and all of the others (influences) of God who were in any way connected to the Soul.

About nine years later, the Flesh (having gained much influence over the Soul) approached the Soul and told him that there were many Godly influences in his life (kingdom) that were harmful to him and were preventing him from advancing in the world. The Flesh convinced the Soul that he (the Soul) would be much better off if he got rid of all of these things in his life. The Flesh went so far as to say he would pay great rewards to the Soul if he was allowed to eliminate these Godly things.

So the Soul made an agreement with the Flesh and agreed to give the Flesh total and complete control in his life. The Soul told the flesh that he could use whatever resources necessary to get the Godly things out of his (Soul’s) life.

To satisfy the Flesh, the Soul made it public knowledge that he had given all power in his life over to the Flesh. It was a commitment that was sealed with the Soul’s official seal. In other words, there was no doubt to ANYONE that the Flesh could do as he pleased with anything that belonged to the Soul.

Messages were sent throughout the kingdom announcing that the Flesh was going to destroy anything Godly that tried to touch the Soul.

Once this was accomplished, the Soul and the Flesh sat down to drink and celebrate.
Meanwhile, the city (the conscience) was in a state of unrest....Something just wasn’t right.

When the Holy Spirit learned of all that had happened concerning the Soul and the Flesh, he mourned greatly. He went out into the middle of the kingdom where everything in the Soul’s life could see him and he cried out loudly in sadness and with a broken heart. He approached the doorway of the Soul’s dwelling but he could not enter in. About the same time, the other Godly members of the Soul’s land began to mourn and cry out to God (making intercession for the Soul).

So it came to pass, that the Spirit’s servants came to her and told her what was going on with the Soul and the Flesh and how the kingdom was in mourning. Upon learning this, the Soul was greatly distressed. Immediately she sent coverings to the Holy Spirit and asked that he stop mourning. But the Holy Spirit’s grief was great and he would not do as the Spirit asked.

The Spirit called for a favored servant of the Soul’s – one with loyalty and influence-  and she sent him to commune with the Holy Spirit because she was unable to reach him (Holy Spirit).

The Holy Spirit did communicate with the Spirit’s messenger. The Holy Spirit told the messenger everything that was going on with the Soul and the Flesh and the attempt of the Flesh to destroy the Godly things. He gave evidence of this to the messenger to take back to the Spirit so that the Spirit could not deny what was happening and would know that it was true. In addition, the Holy Spirit sent word to the Spirit to go to the Soul and plead with him not to destroy the Godly things in his life.

But the Spirit was afraid to approach the Soul. She sent word back to the Holy Spirit telling him that if she approached the Soul (without being invited), she could possibly be destroyed.

The Holy Spirit replied: Tell the Spirit this: Do not think in your heart that you will escape unharmed, any more than any other Godly thing in the Soul’s kingdom. For if you keep silent at this time (and do not plead with the Soul), God himself will provide deliverance for the Godly in the land, but YOU, yourself will perish. Who knows but whether you were joined to the Soul just for this very reason – for such a time as this?”

The Spirit was touched by what the Holy Spirit had communicated. She replied that she would pray and fast for three days. She asked that the Holy Spirit call in intercessors to also fast and pray. She then promised to go to the Soul and plead with him. She realized the danger to herself, but she knew the Holy Spirit was right and she agreed to do what was right at the expense of possibly losing her life. Thus, the heartfelt words: “If I perish, I perish.”

So the Holy Spirit began to make intercession to God on behalf of the Spirit.

And so it happened that the Spirit adorned herself in her royal garments and went before the Soul. She stood in the inner chambers of the Soul while the Soul sat on the throne facing the entrance of the chamber. When the Soul saw the Spirit  ( it had been a while since they had been intimate), he was happy to see her and he extended his favor. The Spirit went near to the Soul and touched the Soul. The Soul remembered the closeness he had shared with the Spirit and was softened. He asked what she wanted and said he would give her anything he possessed up to half of his kingdom (life).

So the Spirit answered and said, “If the Soul is pleased, I request that the Soul and the Flesh come before me today to be fed.”

Immediately the Soul summonsed the Flesh to do as the Spirit requested. And so the Soul and the Flesh went before the Spirit to be fed.

At the dinner, the Soul said to the Spirit, “What is your desire? It will be given to you, up to half of the kingdom (my life). It WILL be done!”

The Spirit replied, “If I have pleased you, my request is that you and the Flesh come to me again to be fed. So the Flesh went out joyful for a time. But when the Flesh saw that the Holy Spirit was getting close to the Soul, and that the Holy Spirit would not give in to the desires of the Flesh, the Flesh became angry. Yet, the Flesh contained this anger for a time, and went home.

Once the Flesh was at home (away from the influence of the Spirit and Soul), he surrounded himself with those that loved him. He exalted himself and bragged of his riches and his power. He told his friends and family how well the Soul treated him, and that the Soul had given him authority over everything in the Soul’s command. In addition to this, the Flesh bragged, “The Spirit invited no one to dine except the Soul and I. And tomorrow I am invited to dine again!” Then he hesitated and remembered the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Soul’s kingdom. At this remembrance he said, “Yet even though this is so, I cannot enjoy myself as long as the Holy Spirit is anywhere near the Soul!”

When those who loved the Flesh heard this, they began to urge him to build a place of execution for the Holy Spirit and to urge the Soul to kill the (presence of) Holy Spirit. They reasoned that with the Holy Spirit out of the way, he would be able to have a great time with the Soul and Spirit. This thought pleased the Flesh and so he designed a place of execution for the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, that same night the Soul was having trouble sleeping. To try and relax, he ordered those who served him to read recent (history) events to him. And as they read they discovered (and read to the Soul) the event of how the Holy Spirit had warned the Spirit of those (things) that intended to harm the Soul, and how the Soul had investigated and found this to be true and eliminated the things that were a threat.

Then the Soul said, “What did I do to honor the Holy Spirit when he protected me?” and those who served the Soul replied, “You did nothing.”

The Soul was extremely upset with himself and wanted to make things right immediately. He asked, “Who is near my dwelling right now?”  Those who served him replied, “The Flesh is here.”

Now, the Flesh had come to approach the Soul to suggest to the Soul that he get rid of the presence of the Holy Spirit in his (life) kingdom. But the Soul did not realize the true intent of the Flesh.

When the Flesh came near to the Soul, the Soul asked the Flesh, “What do you think I should do to honor someone who has saved my life?”

The Flesh (thinking the Soul was speaking of him – and also being selfish) replied, “If you want to honor someone, you should bring a royal covering that you have worn, and have it delivered to this person on a royal horse that you have ridden yourself. Then you should deliver these things (which are of great value to you) to this man and parade him throughout your (life) kingdom and proclaim to everyone that this One has honored you and that you will elevate anyone who honors you in the same way.

The Soul agreed with this idea and he instructed the Flesh to take the royal things that he had described and give them to the Holy Spirit. He advised the Flesh to elevate the Holy Spirit in the sight of everyone in the Kingdom (his life) and proclaim that this was the One who had honored the Soul.

After leaving the close presence of the Soul, the Flesh retreated and hurried to his own home. He was very grieved that the Soul had found delight in the Holy Spirit. When he told his wife what had happened, and told all those who were close to him (seeking I suppose, to gain sympathy), his close friends said to him, “If the Holy Spirit is from God, then you will not prevail in your effort to destroy Him. Not only will you not be able to harm him, but your efforts will go against you, and YOU will FALL – be destroyed.”

While the Flesh’s close friends were talking to him about this, the Soul sent word to the Flesh that it was time to go before the Spirit and dine.

So, the Soul and the Flesh went to dine with the Spirit once again. On the second day of their feast, the Soul asked the Spirit, “What is your heart’s desire, Spirit? I will grant what you ask, even up to half of all that I possess.”

The Spirit replied, “If I have gained your favor, and if it pleases you, spare my life and the life of my people. For my people have been ordered to be destroyed, to be killed, to be annihilated (by the Flesh). If my people and I had simply been sold, I would have kept silent. However, if this happens, you must know that the enemy (the Flesh) who wants this to happen, will never ever compensate to the Soul for this great loss.” (in other words, nothing the Flesh has to offer can replace the loss of God in a person’s life)

Then the Soul asked the Spirit, “Who is this enemy? Where is he? Who would dare to do this to you and your people?”

The Spirit replied, “The adversary and the enemy is the wicked Flesh.”

At this revelation, the Flesh was terrified. The Soul rose up and was so angry that he walked a short distance away, to think. While the Soul was absent, the Flesh stood before the Spirit and begged for his life. He did this because he knew the Soul’s loyalty would now be to the Spirit and the Godly people, and he feared that the Soul might destroy him.

When the Soul came back to the closeness of the Spirit, he saw that the Flesh had fallen near the Spirit and he said, “Will the Flesh also assault the Spirit even when the Soul is near?” As the Soul spoke these words, servants came and covered the Flesh, signifying that he held no more place of honor with the Soul.

And so it was that one of the servants of the Spirit and Soul suggested to the Soul that he use the very weapons designed by the Flesh for executing the Holy Spirit – for executing the Flesh. The weapons they spoke of were near the dwelling place of the Flesh. This pleased the Soul and he said, “EXECUTE THE FLESH.”

So, the Flesh was executed on the “gallows” it had prepared for the Holy Spirit. Once the Flesh was dead, the Soul was at peace.

On that very day, the Soul gave the Spirit everything that had belonged to the Flesh. 
Standing in accord with the Spirit, they were again “One.” When this happened, the Holy Spirit came before the Soul, for it was no longer a secret that the Spirit was his daughter.
The Soul took his signet ring, which was the seal that indicated who he was, and gave it to the Holy Spirit. Then the Spirit proclaimed that the Holy Spirit would rule over the house of the Flesh.

With this being done, the Spirit turned to the Soul and implored him to remove the chains of bondage and the death order that the Flesh had placed on the Godly members in his life (the kingdom). And the Soul stretched forth his scepter, in a show of his authority, towards the Spirit. Then the Spirit arose and stood before the Soul and said, “If it pleases the Soul, let it be written – make a commitment – to revoke all that the Flesh spoke against the Godly things in your life (kingdom), and loose the Godly things from any bondage or threat of death. For how can I stand to see the Godly things in your life (Jews in your kingdom) be destroyed? How can I watch this happen when I also belong to God, as do those things??
Then the Soul said to the Spirit and to the Holy Spirit, “Truthfully I have given to the Spirit those things that belonged to the Flesh, and I have executed the Flesh because he would have destroyed everything Godly in my life. You (Holy Spirit and Soul) make a commitment in my name, to allow the Godly things to exist in my life (my kingdom). This will be a commitment that no man will ever have the ability or authority to break.

The Soul called for his scribes in the 3rd month, on the 28th day and everything the Holy Spirit commanded was written as law. This law governed everything in the kingdom (the life of the Soul). By this command the Godly things were permitted to destroy all things in the Kingdom that would have once destroyed them. By doing this, the entire kingdom was made aware of the importance of the position of the Holy Spirit in the life (kingdom) of the Soul. Somewhat of a “revival.”

The Holy Spirit went out from the inner place of the Soul having been exalted over all other things in the kingdom (life) of the Soul. The Soul had clothed the Holy Spirit in blue and while royal robes and placed a crown on his head. And the land rejoiced. There was light, gladness, joy and honor. Many members in the Kingdom who had not been Godly before, surrendered to the authority of the Holy Spirit.

About 9 months later (in the 12th month), those in the kingdom who still followed after The Flesh, rose up to protest the authority of the Holy Spirit. (Thinking that they would overpower this influence and return the kingdom to the influence of the memory of the Flesh). Instead, the opposite occurred. For the memory of the Flesh and his remnant, were no match for the power of the Holy Spirit. The influence and loyalty to the Holy Spirit throughout the kingdom (life) of the Soul was so strong that the enemies (friends of the Flesh) could not prevail. The Holy Spirit slew the last remnants of the Flesh.

The Holy Spirit was a powerful influence in the places closest to the Soul, and this influence spread throughout the entire Kingdom. And so it was that the enemies (fleshly things) were killed with the Word (sword).

The Soul and the Spirit were standing in agreement, and the Soul said to the Spirit, “The Godly (influence of the Holy Spirit) have killed the remains of the Flesh in my kingdom (life). Now what would you have me to do? Whatever you request will be done.

The Spirit replied, “Allow the Godly to make a public display of the things of the Flesh that have been destroyed. “

So the Soul commanded that this be done. All those in the kingdom saw evidence of the destruction of The Flesh, and they continued to destroy any remnants of the Flesh that arose in the Kingdom. They rejoiced and had a feast to celebrate the destruction of the Flesh.

The Holy Spirit wrote these things and sent messages to all the Godly in the Kingdom: To establish a time of celebration yearly, honoring the day they had destroyed their enemies completely. To turn their sorrow into joy. To give gifts to each other in honor of the victory which came by the influence of the Holy Spirit.

This time of celebration was called “Purim”. And the Godly in the kingdom vowed that this celebration would be passed down from generation to generation. That these days should be remembered by their descendants so that their descendants should also honor the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Then the Spirit and the Holy Spirit stood together in full authority and agreement that this should be so in every area of the kingdom, and in every generation.

The Soul imposed (required) from the land (his life) tribute (honor) for the Holy Spirit. All the acts and power and greatness of the Holy Spirit in the Souls kingdom were written in the journal of the Soul in order that the Soul would never again forget, what the Holy Spirit had accomplished in his life (Kingdom).

For the Holy Spirit was a great influence on the Soul and was well received by all in the kingdom because the things He did were for the good of the Kingdom.

"Shades of Esther"....a life fragrance....

Nearly two years ago, I began a journey with God that was heavily influenced with an intoxicating aroma that I will call, “Shades of Esther.”  Nearly everywhere I turned, the Book of Esther was placed before me in some form or fashion. I was tripping over books, writings and movies placed in my path dealing with Hadassah (Esther) and her beautiful story.

The presence of “Shades of Esther” was so strong that there was no getting around taking a long, detailed look at the Queen and those who played a major roll in her life. And so, with the not even subtle nudging of the Holy Spirit, I began to pray, read, and take notes.

As I studied, a theme came to light.  A lesson for living unfolded. The Book of Esther is full of “Types.”
Esther, the Queen =          a Type of our spirit-man.
Ahasarus, the King =         a Type of our soul.
Mordecia =                      a Type of The Holy Spirit
Haman =                         a Type of the Flesh (Sinful man/nature)
Kingdom =                       a Type of our life/lifestyle.

My intent in writing the following is in NO WAY to take away or ADD TO the Holy Scriptures. My intent is to explain what I saw clearly represented in this wonderful Book. It is my hope that by reading, you will be as blessed as I have been with this story that applies to every soul who ever breathed.

This is the story that is told in the Book of Esther: (The names have been substituted with the “types” shown above)

(The) Holy Spirit dwelt in the outer chambers of the heart and adopted (the) Spirit, filling the void in her life which was left by the loss of her mother and father. Spirit was lovely, and the Holy Spirit treated her as if she were his own daughter. For indeed, by adoption, she had become His child.

Spirit lived in a kingdom that was ruled by (the) Soul. Soul was a very powerful authority who was sometimes influenced by the not-so-wise ones who dwelt in his kingdom. A foolish decision by Soul left him less than whole, and so he set out to remedy this by choosing a life partner/spouse. Soul needed someone of great worth to stand with him as he ruled the kingdom.

A day came when Soul called for an assembly of many “spirits.”  From these spirits, Soul would choose his mate. The Holy Spirit (whose wisdom was from God) sent Spirit to the habitat of Soul to be among these candidates. Spirit was beautiful inside and out, and Soul was drawn to her. As a result of this strong attraction, Soul began to gift her with anything that was within his power to obtain, to perfect her physical beauty. Servants were sent to Spirit from Soul to do her bidding. Furthermore, Soul placed Spirit in a very favored dwelling place near the inner chamber of his heart (Palace) be continued......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Missing Piece

Quite a while back I began to look at my journey with God as discovery process. 

In this age of video games where one advances to the "next level" by completion of a series of tasks, it is not hard to imagine such a journey with God. However, in this "process" it is not any accomplishment of my own that takes me higher. It is the grasping of a lesson that my creator is teaching.

Everywhere He gives me "clues" and resources. When I talk to Him, He gives instruction.

I have learned to joyfully accept His instruction, and I have learned over and over again that just when I begin to think the thing is much too hard, Light breaks through.

Could it be that He wants me to understand what I already know? That in this journey nothing, absolutely NOTHING can be gained by any effort to succeed on my part? That the sercret to "gain" is in learning to lose?

What I mean by this is simply the ringing true of a scripture I have long quoted, "His strength is made perfect in our weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Every single time I see this principle play out in my life, it is like that cartoon light bulb above my head going off. I am momentarily blinded by the brightness of revelation, followed by, "Ahhhh, so THAT'S it!"

A month or so ago, I made the statement that God wanted me to love those indivduals that I often deemed "unlovable" (and He does), and that He would not take me forward to my destiny until I mastered this "loving" thing. And so, I began to pray for this love to manifest in my life.

Tonight, I discovered a missing "hint/clue" in this level of my discovery process. Simply this:

I cannot master anything. I don't have to. Jesus did that for me. I AM the righteousness of Christ. Not, "will be," but AM. By His stripes I AM. Not, "will be." Christ dwells in me, therefore LOVE dwells in me. Not, WILL (in the future), but DOES, as in NOW.

Jesus means for me to focus on who I AM, not who I think I should be. And who am I? I am His child. I am joint-heir with Jesus. In me, as in Christ, dwells the fullness of the Godhead.

Now, I cannot really comprehend this, and I think that is why I am so easily pressed to "do more," "become more," for Him. When all the while He is telling me that I already AM. And when I focus on who, and WHOSE I am and all that this implies, those "righteous" traits that I seek to master will begin to manifest themselves in my life as I grow in His grace.....and in so doing I will glorify my Father.

I have written this "revelation" rather quickly while the light bulb is still glowing over my head and the "Ahhhhh!" in my spirit lingers, as does the AWE....and may it ever be so....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tears in the heart

What do you do when you can’t do anything? And if you could, the authority to do it is not yours?
A situation. A blow to a tender heart is like a blow to my own.
Her pain, becomes my pain.
Her darkness, becomes my quest to bring light.
But this is not my battle.
The battle is the Lord’s.
And so I do the only thing I can do,
The right thing.
I give it, and her, to God.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God in a Box

A while back, I made a noise about wondering how long God was going to let me keep silent. When I said that, I had a whole other subject in mind....

In the past week I have seen just how badly the devil wants me to keep silent.

Guess what? (you already know) It's not gonna happen.

God has given me, and continues to pour into me, words to speak. For every negative comment I have received, there have been at least 5 (maybe more) who have spoke in confirmation. The negative comes from the same section in the bleachers. The positive confirmation comes from all over the place.
I used to think that I had God figured out. These things I knew:
  1.  God didn't like Air Conditioning. He wanted the old Baptist Church to remain hot in the summer. The little hand held paper fans were good enough for my grandma - so they were good enough for me. A/C was for people who could not withstand the hardships of the Christian Life. A/C was from the Devil.
  2. God did not like indoor plumbing either. What was wrong with the old outhouse? Huh? (Well, the deacons finally saw the wisdom of indoor plumbing)
  3. God definitely did not like Fellowship Halls that were attached to the main sanctuary. That was nearly blasphemous. Eating in the Church house!
  4. God hated contemporary Christian music almost as much as He hated rock music.
  5. If you did it on Sunday and it was ANYTHING but church, God hated it. You would be punished.
  6. God only read the Authorzied King James Version.
  7. God didn't like ANYTHING new, and God did not want any of us to enjoy anything (other than Church, of course) and God was totally, totally against the wealthy.

I will rest with seven (smile), although the list goes on and on.....

I won't even attempt to finish this writing on this subject tonight....there's way too much He wants me to say.

But the main thing He wants me to say tonight is this:

Don't put God in a box. Don't tell God that He can't use technology, that He can't use the rich and poor alike. Just don't. Please.

He is God, and it is ALL His to will and to do His good pleasure!

He LOVES you.

He loves you even if you don't like ME.

P.S. He doesn't like division in the Body of Christ.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Does God Want? A message from a garden..

"They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day....and God called to Adam...'Where are you?'" (Gen 3: 8-9)

What do you suppose God was doing walking in the garden? Why do you suppose He called out to Adam? Do you think  God had just been sitting up on the Throne waiting for Adam to mess up so He could pop back down and demand to know why? Do you think He had His switch in His hand just itching to give Adam a switching???

Come on, here's what God wanted, and here's what He wants today. He wanted fellowship. He wanted to love and be loved in return. He wanted conversation. I think He wanted to stroll through the garden and point out to Adam and Eve all the new little buds that had exploded overnight on the plants in the garden. I think He was excited and wanted Adam to share everything he had learned in the last 24 hours (or however long a day was).

God wanted companionship.

"Adam, where are you son? Come on out and talk! Come on, I know you made some discoveries today, I know you spotted some new colors, I know you heard some new sounds. Come on Adam, come on out and share! Where are you? I've been waiting ALL DAY for this...where are you????"

God wanted to talk. Sure, He knew Adam and Eve had messed up. But He was still there, still wanting to be with them, still LOOKING for them. And He wasn't there with a heavy hand and a whip and chain...He was there with love and (I believe) and a plea in His voice.
What does that say to us?

I mean, Adam and Eve had done no small thing. The sin they had committed wasn't something clorox was gonna take away....They had single(double) handedly destroyed mankinds future....(ahhh but God had taken that into account and made provision).
And even after what they had done, God was walking through the garden looking for them, saying in effect, 'Come out and spend some time with Me.'

And THIS is what God still wants today. This is what He is still saying today. PLEASE, guys, I don't care what you've done, I've got that covered! Come on out and share your day with me! Where are you??? Come on out!

We were created in His likeness and fellowship with unite and become one with love Him and be loved by Him...God just wants you to come on out and talk to Him.

Have you talked to Him today?
Are you gonna?