Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes, OH YES.

A couple of years back, I had to make some major decisions...I had to let go of the things I held on to for comfort...I began a journey and it started with one step. I walked into a life where nothing was my own...resources depleted...and I stood before God an empty vessel...I had no where else to turn...The rigors and inconveniences of the life I led for 12 months were beyond what some would be willing to accept/do/commit to finish...I stood with my emptied out self and I refused to look back...I held my hands out until God took them in His...and He did...Today I forgo some of the things that others would think they have to have..but my life is full to needs are more than met and my wants are sometimes given to me before I ask....Was the "sacrifice" worth it?...There is not a "YES" that would echo far enough and loud enough sufficiently answer....I don't know what else to say. ~vsw 

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