Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fire Ants and Boom Boxes....

Remember the first time you were ever stung by a "fire" ant....maybe you were walking along not particularly paying attention to where you were stepping - and got you...

It's a simple bit of inconvenience when it happens...and if it's only ONE, then it only amounts to some itching later on and more inconvenience....but it's not something you would have chosen to experience, right?

Luke 10:19 tells us that God has given us authority. Authority to "overcome all the power of the enemy."

What does that have to do with fire ants? Everything. You see, I believe that everything physical mirrors a spiritual principle. In this case, the fire ants are our "enemy" (Satan). The day you accepted Christ as your Savior, you didn't just receive eternal life, but you also received every restoration of everything our infamous ancestor Adam, lost in Eden. Everything restored. All power, all authority.

Here's my point in all of this: Satan walks this earth making a lot of noise. The Bible says he roars as a Lion...Since you and I were not raised in the jungle or on the great plains, we may better relate to your neighbor's lawnmower when you are trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning...or...the annoying booming vibration of a car stereo blaring as is rolls down a quiet suburban street...In either of these cases (or any other you can think of) we know that the NOISE can't hurt us. Or can it?

Does the loud lawnmower cause you to frown, maybe even curse under your breath at your neighbor? How about the booming speakers? The noise is a simply an inconvenience...but how we handle the noise can rule your day...and ruin your day. Your attitude towards your neighbor is something Jesus is concerned with.....but I digress...

Getting back to the ants: Satan has no more power over your life as a believer, than these fire ants. He can (and will) cause you many inconveniences....he will bring a lot of noise into your life. 

God has given us the "power of the nozzle" so to speak. What I mean by that, is when we are inconvenienced by the ant or the noise we can do one of two things: We can address the ant situation immediately, making sure we pay attention to where we WALK from that point forward...put a little "anti itch" cream on the bite," stop any whining and complaining and put the situation to rest. In other words, reach up and TURN OFF THE NOZZLE....don't let the flow of reaction increase. Same thing with NOISE....Turn off the nozzle....don't allow irritants to affect who you are in Christ. If you do, you will still be WHO YOU ARE, but you will not be effective for the Kingdom...and you will not experience the joy in the journey....(and where does our STRENGTH come from? THE JOY)......

ANYWAY. Bottom line: Satan truly is under our feet ALREADY as far as his authority in our lives...He can roar...he can try to deceive..he can toss out inconveniences....but that is ALL he can do.

Be careful where you walk...avoid the fire ants.
As for the noise? Earplugs? If not, shrug it is ONLY A can't hurt you if you don't allow it further access.

Have a very blessed and fruitful Sunday!

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