Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alabaster Boxes....Going Deeper with God...

God has given me something to write this morning and I rejoice in that because it doesn't always come easy.

I approached Him with some "issues" of my own and the conversation went something like this: God, I feel out of the loop with you so I am confessing some things and asking for Your revelation:

  • Show me the beam in my own eye.
  • Show me how to increase my faith.
  • Teach me how to pray more effectively
  • Make me more effective for the Kingdom
  • Take the desire for _________(not relevant to this blog) completely away from me.
  • Show me how to pursue my vision for _____________(personal and not relevant)
After writing these things down (am I the only one who sometimes forgets what I ask Him for?), I began to study and reflect and He impressed some things on my heart.

There is no "secret formula" or "magic" words for unlocking all the treasures of God's anointing in our lives. It is a journey that begins at the cross with repentance and accepting Him as our atonement for sin. It is at the foot of the cross that we receive the Keys to the Kingdom, but that isn't the whole of it - that isn't the end - that is only the beginning.

God wants us to break open our alabaster boxes as Mary did in Luke's Gospel, and anoint Him. Instead of sitting at the foot of the cross admiring it's grotesque beauty...waiting for Him to anoint ME...He wants ME to break open my box of things that are precious to me...and anoint HIM....Giving HIM all that I hold dear and pursing Him at all costs.

At the foot of the cross is a wondrous place to be, but He doesn't want me to sit there - He wants me to get up and pursue His presence. Jesus came down from the cross and ascended to Heaven....and He has given us the invitation to follow Him - not upon the death of this physical body...but NOW...He is saying "Come up hither." In fact He has said that I AM seated in the heavens with Him NOW. He beckons me to rise up from the foot of the cross where the comfort of the work of the blood pools around me, and uncover the mysteries hidden FOR me.

I think that sometimes we wait there at the foot of the cross for a lightning bolt to illuminate all of the mysteries of God...and that isn't how it works.
He said, "In my Father's house are MANY mansions." We enter the Father's house at the Cross, but it is up to us to unlock the treasures hidden for us in each room (mansion) by pursuing God. Not by our works, but by total surrender and ACTIVELY SEEKING God. A breaking open, if you will, of our Alabaster Boxes of oil and anointing Him.

He will give us a guided tour - unlocking mystery after mystery of His goodness and His power and His divine will....But as He guides we must FOLLOW or we are left standing in the foyer waiting for something to come to us when He is saying "Come to ME!"

Father, implore us, encourage us, to leave the comfort zone of the Cross and follow YOU into full discipleship. I ask this in the authority of the name of your Son, Jesus ~ Amen.


  1. great wrighting keep up the good fight. love u xoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you, Bill! Don't write as much as I did for comes in God gives...