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Shades of Esther...a life fragrance...finale...

What follows is the remainder of the Book of Esther, converted to story with "types", which I began in my previous blog. Yes, it is quite long....but I believe you will find it interesting....and very enlightening. It is my prayer that this touches you as it touched me, and that you will see clearly the lesson contained in the Book of Esther....

At this point, Spirit had not revealed to Soul her relationship with the Holy Spirit.  She kept this secret at the advisement of the Holy Spirit. (The) Holy Spirit knew that God would make known at what future point Spirit’s connection to Him should be revealed.

Every day the Holy Spirit walked back and forth in front of the dwelling (heart) of Spirit to ensure her wellbeing, and to keep informed of all things that were happening to Spirit.

After a period of many months (12), it became time for all of the spirits to go to the Soul to seek approval. Each spirit had spent these (12) months preparing for this one chance to gain approval of, and influence over, the Soul. It was their desire to be chosen to become one with the Soul.

As it turned out, the Soul tried each spirit that was presented to him, and sent them away. When it came time for Sprit, adopted daughter of the Holy Spirit to go to the Soul, she took nothing with her except those things the Soul longed for. And the Soul loved the Spirit and the Spirit had favor with the Soul. Because of this, the Soul placed a crown on the head of Spirit and elevated her to the position of his wife. The Spirit and the Soul joined and became as one.

The Soul was exceedingly happy and began to celebrate in honor of his union with Spirit. The Soul was so happy that he proclaimed a holiday and began to give lavish gifts to others in the kingdom in honor of Spirit.

Meanwhile, The Holy Spirit waited patiently in an inconspicuous place and watched. At this time Spirit still had not revealed (or, “brought to light”) her relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Time passed and the Holy Spirit waited and watched. While he watched he observed some in the kingdom who had intentions of doing harm to the Soul. The Holy Spirit communicated this information to the Spirit and the Spirit revealed the information to the Soul, in the name of the Holy Spirit (with authority).

Because the Soul valued Spirit, he investigated the matter. He found the warning to be valid and he eliminated the threat that had been revealed.

When “the honeymoon was over,” so to speak, the Soul began to elevate the Flesh. The Soul gave the Flesh more power than any other thing in his life. All things under control of the Soul had to bow to the Flesh and honor the whims of the Flesh. However, the Holy Spirit (who still dwelt in the kingdom) refused to bow to the Flesh.

When some who were under the Souls command noticed this, they asked the Holy Spirit why he did not bow to the Flesh, but he remained silent. They tried to convince him to bow, but he would not so they reported this to the Flesh. They did this to test the power of the Holy Spirit  (because he claimed to be chosen of God).

After a time, the Flesh began to notice that the Holy Spirit was resisting his influence and it angered him. However, the Flesh did not attempt to approach the Holy Spirit because he had been told that the Holy Spirit had come from God. (You see, the Flesh was very well aware of the power of God.) However, regardless of his fear of God’s power, the Flesh soon sought to destroy the presence of the Holy Spirit and all of the others (influences) of God who were in any way connected to the Soul.

About nine years later, the Flesh (having gained much influence over the Soul) approached the Soul and told him that there were many Godly influences in his life (kingdom) that were harmful to him and were preventing him from advancing in the world. The Flesh convinced the Soul that he (the Soul) would be much better off if he got rid of all of these things in his life. The Flesh went so far as to say he would pay great rewards to the Soul if he was allowed to eliminate these Godly things.

So the Soul made an agreement with the Flesh and agreed to give the Flesh total and complete control in his life. The Soul told the flesh that he could use whatever resources necessary to get the Godly things out of his (Soul’s) life.

To satisfy the Flesh, the Soul made it public knowledge that he had given all power in his life over to the Flesh. It was a commitment that was sealed with the Soul’s official seal. In other words, there was no doubt to ANYONE that the Flesh could do as he pleased with anything that belonged to the Soul.

Messages were sent throughout the kingdom announcing that the Flesh was going to destroy anything Godly that tried to touch the Soul.

Once this was accomplished, the Soul and the Flesh sat down to drink and celebrate.
Meanwhile, the city (the conscience) was in a state of unrest....Something just wasn’t right.

When the Holy Spirit learned of all that had happened concerning the Soul and the Flesh, he mourned greatly. He went out into the middle of the kingdom where everything in the Soul’s life could see him and he cried out loudly in sadness and with a broken heart. He approached the doorway of the Soul’s dwelling but he could not enter in. About the same time, the other Godly members of the Soul’s land began to mourn and cry out to God (making intercession for the Soul).

So it came to pass, that the Spirit’s servants came to her and told her what was going on with the Soul and the Flesh and how the kingdom was in mourning. Upon learning this, the Soul was greatly distressed. Immediately she sent coverings to the Holy Spirit and asked that he stop mourning. But the Holy Spirit’s grief was great and he would not do as the Spirit asked.

The Spirit called for a favored servant of the Soul’s – one with loyalty and influence-  and she sent him to commune with the Holy Spirit because she was unable to reach him (Holy Spirit).

The Holy Spirit did communicate with the Spirit’s messenger. The Holy Spirit told the messenger everything that was going on with the Soul and the Flesh and the attempt of the Flesh to destroy the Godly things. He gave evidence of this to the messenger to take back to the Spirit so that the Spirit could not deny what was happening and would know that it was true. In addition, the Holy Spirit sent word to the Spirit to go to the Soul and plead with him not to destroy the Godly things in his life.

But the Spirit was afraid to approach the Soul. She sent word back to the Holy Spirit telling him that if she approached the Soul (without being invited), she could possibly be destroyed.

The Holy Spirit replied: Tell the Spirit this: Do not think in your heart that you will escape unharmed, any more than any other Godly thing in the Soul’s kingdom. For if you keep silent at this time (and do not plead with the Soul), God himself will provide deliverance for the Godly in the land, but YOU, yourself will perish. Who knows but whether you were joined to the Soul just for this very reason – for such a time as this?”

The Spirit was touched by what the Holy Spirit had communicated. She replied that she would pray and fast for three days. She asked that the Holy Spirit call in intercessors to also fast and pray. She then promised to go to the Soul and plead with him. She realized the danger to herself, but she knew the Holy Spirit was right and she agreed to do what was right at the expense of possibly losing her life. Thus, the heartfelt words: “If I perish, I perish.”

So the Holy Spirit began to make intercession to God on behalf of the Spirit.

And so it happened that the Spirit adorned herself in her royal garments and went before the Soul. She stood in the inner chambers of the Soul while the Soul sat on the throne facing the entrance of the chamber. When the Soul saw the Spirit  ( it had been a while since they had been intimate), he was happy to see her and he extended his favor. The Spirit went near to the Soul and touched the Soul. The Soul remembered the closeness he had shared with the Spirit and was softened. He asked what she wanted and said he would give her anything he possessed up to half of his kingdom (life).

So the Spirit answered and said, “If the Soul is pleased, I request that the Soul and the Flesh come before me today to be fed.”

Immediately the Soul summonsed the Flesh to do as the Spirit requested. And so the Soul and the Flesh went before the Spirit to be fed.

At the dinner, the Soul said to the Spirit, “What is your desire? It will be given to you, up to half of the kingdom (my life). It WILL be done!”

The Spirit replied, “If I have pleased you, my request is that you and the Flesh come to me again to be fed. So the Flesh went out joyful for a time. But when the Flesh saw that the Holy Spirit was getting close to the Soul, and that the Holy Spirit would not give in to the desires of the Flesh, the Flesh became angry. Yet, the Flesh contained this anger for a time, and went home.

Once the Flesh was at home (away from the influence of the Spirit and Soul), he surrounded himself with those that loved him. He exalted himself and bragged of his riches and his power. He told his friends and family how well the Soul treated him, and that the Soul had given him authority over everything in the Soul’s command. In addition to this, the Flesh bragged, “The Spirit invited no one to dine except the Soul and I. And tomorrow I am invited to dine again!” Then he hesitated and remembered the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Soul’s kingdom. At this remembrance he said, “Yet even though this is so, I cannot enjoy myself as long as the Holy Spirit is anywhere near the Soul!”

When those who loved the Flesh heard this, they began to urge him to build a place of execution for the Holy Spirit and to urge the Soul to kill the (presence of) Holy Spirit. They reasoned that with the Holy Spirit out of the way, he would be able to have a great time with the Soul and Spirit. This thought pleased the Flesh and so he designed a place of execution for the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, that same night the Soul was having trouble sleeping. To try and relax, he ordered those who served him to read recent (history) events to him. And as they read they discovered (and read to the Soul) the event of how the Holy Spirit had warned the Spirit of those (things) that intended to harm the Soul, and how the Soul had investigated and found this to be true and eliminated the things that were a threat.

Then the Soul said, “What did I do to honor the Holy Spirit when he protected me?” and those who served the Soul replied, “You did nothing.”

The Soul was extremely upset with himself and wanted to make things right immediately. He asked, “Who is near my dwelling right now?”  Those who served him replied, “The Flesh is here.”

Now, the Flesh had come to approach the Soul to suggest to the Soul that he get rid of the presence of the Holy Spirit in his (life) kingdom. But the Soul did not realize the true intent of the Flesh.

When the Flesh came near to the Soul, the Soul asked the Flesh, “What do you think I should do to honor someone who has saved my life?”

The Flesh (thinking the Soul was speaking of him – and also being selfish) replied, “If you want to honor someone, you should bring a royal covering that you have worn, and have it delivered to this person on a royal horse that you have ridden yourself. Then you should deliver these things (which are of great value to you) to this man and parade him throughout your (life) kingdom and proclaim to everyone that this One has honored you and that you will elevate anyone who honors you in the same way.

The Soul agreed with this idea and he instructed the Flesh to take the royal things that he had described and give them to the Holy Spirit. He advised the Flesh to elevate the Holy Spirit in the sight of everyone in the Kingdom (his life) and proclaim that this was the One who had honored the Soul.

After leaving the close presence of the Soul, the Flesh retreated and hurried to his own home. He was very grieved that the Soul had found delight in the Holy Spirit. When he told his wife what had happened, and told all those who were close to him (seeking I suppose, to gain sympathy), his close friends said to him, “If the Holy Spirit is from God, then you will not prevail in your effort to destroy Him. Not only will you not be able to harm him, but your efforts will go against you, and YOU will FALL – be destroyed.”

While the Flesh’s close friends were talking to him about this, the Soul sent word to the Flesh that it was time to go before the Spirit and dine.

So, the Soul and the Flesh went to dine with the Spirit once again. On the second day of their feast, the Soul asked the Spirit, “What is your heart’s desire, Spirit? I will grant what you ask, even up to half of all that I possess.”

The Spirit replied, “If I have gained your favor, and if it pleases you, spare my life and the life of my people. For my people have been ordered to be destroyed, to be killed, to be annihilated (by the Flesh). If my people and I had simply been sold, I would have kept silent. However, if this happens, you must know that the enemy (the Flesh) who wants this to happen, will never ever compensate to the Soul for this great loss.” (in other words, nothing the Flesh has to offer can replace the loss of God in a person’s life)

Then the Soul asked the Spirit, “Who is this enemy? Where is he? Who would dare to do this to you and your people?”

The Spirit replied, “The adversary and the enemy is the wicked Flesh.”

At this revelation, the Flesh was terrified. The Soul rose up and was so angry that he walked a short distance away, to think. While the Soul was absent, the Flesh stood before the Spirit and begged for his life. He did this because he knew the Soul’s loyalty would now be to the Spirit and the Godly people, and he feared that the Soul might destroy him.

When the Soul came back to the closeness of the Spirit, he saw that the Flesh had fallen near the Spirit and he said, “Will the Flesh also assault the Spirit even when the Soul is near?” As the Soul spoke these words, servants came and covered the Flesh, signifying that he held no more place of honor with the Soul.

And so it was that one of the servants of the Spirit and Soul suggested to the Soul that he use the very weapons designed by the Flesh for executing the Holy Spirit – for executing the Flesh. The weapons they spoke of were near the dwelling place of the Flesh. This pleased the Soul and he said, “EXECUTE THE FLESH.”

So, the Flesh was executed on the “gallows” it had prepared for the Holy Spirit. Once the Flesh was dead, the Soul was at peace.

On that very day, the Soul gave the Spirit everything that had belonged to the Flesh. 
Standing in accord with the Spirit, they were again “One.” When this happened, the Holy Spirit came before the Soul, for it was no longer a secret that the Spirit was his daughter.
The Soul took his signet ring, which was the seal that indicated who he was, and gave it to the Holy Spirit. Then the Spirit proclaimed that the Holy Spirit would rule over the house of the Flesh.

With this being done, the Spirit turned to the Soul and implored him to remove the chains of bondage and the death order that the Flesh had placed on the Godly members in his life (the kingdom). And the Soul stretched forth his scepter, in a show of his authority, towards the Spirit. Then the Spirit arose and stood before the Soul and said, “If it pleases the Soul, let it be written – make a commitment – to revoke all that the Flesh spoke against the Godly things in your life (kingdom), and loose the Godly things from any bondage or threat of death. For how can I stand to see the Godly things in your life (Jews in your kingdom) be destroyed? How can I watch this happen when I also belong to God, as do those things??
Then the Soul said to the Spirit and to the Holy Spirit, “Truthfully I have given to the Spirit those things that belonged to the Flesh, and I have executed the Flesh because he would have destroyed everything Godly in my life. You (Holy Spirit and Soul) make a commitment in my name, to allow the Godly things to exist in my life (my kingdom). This will be a commitment that no man will ever have the ability or authority to break.

The Soul called for his scribes in the 3rd month, on the 28th day and everything the Holy Spirit commanded was written as law. This law governed everything in the kingdom (the life of the Soul). By this command the Godly things were permitted to destroy all things in the Kingdom that would have once destroyed them. By doing this, the entire kingdom was made aware of the importance of the position of the Holy Spirit in the life (kingdom) of the Soul. Somewhat of a “revival.”

The Holy Spirit went out from the inner place of the Soul having been exalted over all other things in the kingdom (life) of the Soul. The Soul had clothed the Holy Spirit in blue and while royal robes and placed a crown on his head. And the land rejoiced. There was light, gladness, joy and honor. Many members in the Kingdom who had not been Godly before, surrendered to the authority of the Holy Spirit.

About 9 months later (in the 12th month), those in the kingdom who still followed after The Flesh, rose up to protest the authority of the Holy Spirit. (Thinking that they would overpower this influence and return the kingdom to the influence of the memory of the Flesh). Instead, the opposite occurred. For the memory of the Flesh and his remnant, were no match for the power of the Holy Spirit. The influence and loyalty to the Holy Spirit throughout the kingdom (life) of the Soul was so strong that the enemies (friends of the Flesh) could not prevail. The Holy Spirit slew the last remnants of the Flesh.

The Holy Spirit was a powerful influence in the places closest to the Soul, and this influence spread throughout the entire Kingdom. And so it was that the enemies (fleshly things) were killed with the Word (sword).

The Soul and the Spirit were standing in agreement, and the Soul said to the Spirit, “The Godly (influence of the Holy Spirit) have killed the remains of the Flesh in my kingdom (life). Now what would you have me to do? Whatever you request will be done.

The Spirit replied, “Allow the Godly to make a public display of the things of the Flesh that have been destroyed. “

So the Soul commanded that this be done. All those in the kingdom saw evidence of the destruction of The Flesh, and they continued to destroy any remnants of the Flesh that arose in the Kingdom. They rejoiced and had a feast to celebrate the destruction of the Flesh.

The Holy Spirit wrote these things and sent messages to all the Godly in the Kingdom: To establish a time of celebration yearly, honoring the day they had destroyed their enemies completely. To turn their sorrow into joy. To give gifts to each other in honor of the victory which came by the influence of the Holy Spirit.

This time of celebration was called “Purim”. And the Godly in the kingdom vowed that this celebration would be passed down from generation to generation. That these days should be remembered by their descendants so that their descendants should also honor the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Then the Spirit and the Holy Spirit stood together in full authority and agreement that this should be so in every area of the kingdom, and in every generation.

The Soul imposed (required) from the land (his life) tribute (honor) for the Holy Spirit. All the acts and power and greatness of the Holy Spirit in the Souls kingdom were written in the journal of the Soul in order that the Soul would never again forget, what the Holy Spirit had accomplished in his life (Kingdom).

For the Holy Spirit was a great influence on the Soul and was well received by all in the kingdom because the things He did were for the good of the Kingdom.

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