Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Missing Piece

Quite a while back I began to look at my journey with God as discovery process. 

In this age of video games where one advances to the "next level" by completion of a series of tasks, it is not hard to imagine such a journey with God. However, in this "process" it is not any accomplishment of my own that takes me higher. It is the grasping of a lesson that my creator is teaching.

Everywhere He gives me "clues" and resources. When I talk to Him, He gives instruction.

I have learned to joyfully accept His instruction, and I have learned over and over again that just when I begin to think the thing is much too hard, Light breaks through.

Could it be that He wants me to understand what I already know? That in this journey nothing, absolutely NOTHING can be gained by any effort to succeed on my part? That the sercret to "gain" is in learning to lose?

What I mean by this is simply the ringing true of a scripture I have long quoted, "His strength is made perfect in our weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Every single time I see this principle play out in my life, it is like that cartoon light bulb above my head going off. I am momentarily blinded by the brightness of revelation, followed by, "Ahhhh, so THAT'S it!"

A month or so ago, I made the statement that God wanted me to love those indivduals that I often deemed "unlovable" (and He does), and that He would not take me forward to my destiny until I mastered this "loving" thing. And so, I began to pray for this love to manifest in my life.

Tonight, I discovered a missing "hint/clue" in this level of my discovery process. Simply this:

I cannot master anything. I don't have to. Jesus did that for me. I AM the righteousness of Christ. Not, "will be," but AM. By His stripes I AM. Not, "will be." Christ dwells in me, therefore LOVE dwells in me. Not, WILL (in the future), but DOES, as in NOW.

Jesus means for me to focus on who I AM, not who I think I should be. And who am I? I am His child. I am joint-heir with Jesus. In me, as in Christ, dwells the fullness of the Godhead.

Now, I cannot really comprehend this, and I think that is why I am so easily pressed to "do more," "become more," for Him. When all the while He is telling me that I already AM. And when I focus on who, and WHOSE I am and all that this implies, those "righteous" traits that I seek to master will begin to manifest themselves in my life as I grow in His grace.....and in so doing I will glorify my Father.

I have written this "revelation" rather quickly while the light bulb is still glowing over my head and the "Ahhhhh!" in my spirit lingers, as does the AWE....and may it ever be so....

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