Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Shades of Esther"....a life fragrance....

Nearly two years ago, I began a journey with God that was heavily influenced with an intoxicating aroma that I will call, “Shades of Esther.”  Nearly everywhere I turned, the Book of Esther was placed before me in some form or fashion. I was tripping over books, writings and movies placed in my path dealing with Hadassah (Esther) and her beautiful story.

The presence of “Shades of Esther” was so strong that there was no getting around taking a long, detailed look at the Queen and those who played a major roll in her life. And so, with the not even subtle nudging of the Holy Spirit, I began to pray, read, and take notes.

As I studied, a theme came to light.  A lesson for living unfolded. The Book of Esther is full of “Types.”
Esther, the Queen =          a Type of our spirit-man.
Ahasarus, the King =         a Type of our soul.
Mordecia =                      a Type of The Holy Spirit
Haman =                         a Type of the Flesh (Sinful man/nature)
Kingdom =                       a Type of our life/lifestyle.

My intent in writing the following is in NO WAY to take away or ADD TO the Holy Scriptures. My intent is to explain what I saw clearly represented in this wonderful Book. It is my hope that by reading, you will be as blessed as I have been with this story that applies to every soul who ever breathed.

This is the story that is told in the Book of Esther: (The names have been substituted with the “types” shown above)

(The) Holy Spirit dwelt in the outer chambers of the heart and adopted (the) Spirit, filling the void in her life which was left by the loss of her mother and father. Spirit was lovely, and the Holy Spirit treated her as if she were his own daughter. For indeed, by adoption, she had become His child.

Spirit lived in a kingdom that was ruled by (the) Soul. Soul was a very powerful authority who was sometimes influenced by the not-so-wise ones who dwelt in his kingdom. A foolish decision by Soul left him less than whole, and so he set out to remedy this by choosing a life partner/spouse. Soul needed someone of great worth to stand with him as he ruled the kingdom.

A day came when Soul called for an assembly of many “spirits.”  From these spirits, Soul would choose his mate. The Holy Spirit (whose wisdom was from God) sent Spirit to the habitat of Soul to be among these candidates. Spirit was beautiful inside and out, and Soul was drawn to her. As a result of this strong attraction, Soul began to gift her with anything that was within his power to obtain, to perfect her physical beauty. Servants were sent to Spirit from Soul to do her bidding. Furthermore, Soul placed Spirit in a very favored dwelling place near the inner chamber of his heart (Palace) be continued......

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