Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Does God Want? A message from a garden..

"They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day....and God called to Adam...'Where are you?'" (Gen 3: 8-9)

What do you suppose God was doing walking in the garden? Why do you suppose He called out to Adam? Do you think  God had just been sitting up on the Throne waiting for Adam to mess up so He could pop back down and demand to know why? Do you think He had His switch in His hand just itching to give Adam a switching???

Come on, here's what God wanted, and here's what He wants today. He wanted fellowship. He wanted to love and be loved in return. He wanted conversation. I think He wanted to stroll through the garden and point out to Adam and Eve all the new little buds that had exploded overnight on the plants in the garden. I think He was excited and wanted Adam to share everything he had learned in the last 24 hours (or however long a day was).

God wanted companionship.

"Adam, where are you son? Come on out and talk! Come on, I know you made some discoveries today, I know you spotted some new colors, I know you heard some new sounds. Come on Adam, come on out and share! Where are you? I've been waiting ALL DAY for this...where are you????"

God wanted to talk. Sure, He knew Adam and Eve had messed up. But He was still there, still wanting to be with them, still LOOKING for them. And He wasn't there with a heavy hand and a whip and chain...He was there with love and (I believe) and a plea in His voice.
What does that say to us?

I mean, Adam and Eve had done no small thing. The sin they had committed wasn't something clorox was gonna take away....They had single(double) handedly destroyed mankinds future....(ahhh but God had taken that into account and made provision).
And even after what they had done, God was walking through the garden looking for them, saying in effect, 'Come out and spend some time with Me.'

And THIS is what God still wants today. This is what He is still saying today. PLEASE, guys, I don't care what you've done, I've got that covered! Come on out and share your day with me! Where are you??? Come on out!

We were created in His likeness and fellowship with unite and become one with love Him and be loved by Him...God just wants you to come on out and talk to Him.

Have you talked to Him today?
Are you gonna?


  1. Oh my goodness Vicki! God bless you Sis and THANKYOU for sharing this...

  2. Thank you so much! I am glad God is using this to speak to others...:)