Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Go There.....

Come over here and sit down. I want to tell you something.
Listen closely because it’s imperative to your life that you completely understand some things.
This is no joke.
This is not Top Secret material – the instructions for your mission aren’t going to self-destruct after you hear them – but these instructions are more important than anything any Secret Agent was ever given.
For they contain life, and moreover – the abundant life – and they will save your life if, and ONLY if, you listen and follow instruction. Okay. Got your attention yet?

You know that handsome guy you’ve been hanging out with occasionally? You know he’s not a Christian, right? I know that you know.
It’s true he has a good job, I know he has a nice vehicle, and I know he’s stable by the world’s standards. He has a little money put back, etc. I even know that he gives regularly to the Disabled Veterans Association and it’s a fact that he goes to every funeral to pay his last respects to anyone he knew who dies.
But you know he’s not a Christian, right?

Yes, he shows great diligence in taking care of his elderly mother. He calls her every day to check on her. He makes sure her A/C is working and her pipes don’t freeze.
But you know he’s not a Christian, right?
Never kicks his dog, or anyone else’s.
But he’s not a Christian.
He doesn’t know God – hasn’t visited the cross – doesn’t know he’s on the road to Hell. Literally.

Stay away from him.

Don’t go to his house. Don’t ride in his car. Don’t call him. Don’t write him. You can pray for him, but stay away from him! Let me tell you why:
He talks good game. His words make sense to you. You reason that he’s a good guy because he’s a solid citizen. He’s not really that immoral. He doesn’t sleep around with every girl he meets, right? He’s looking for a good woman. Looking for true love.
If you hang out with him, pretty soon those words he speaks are gonna worm their way into your heart. You’re gonna be influenced by him and his lifestyle – you’re gonna end up letting your emotions rule – you’ll end up in his bed (just knowing he’s the one). Then you’re gonna wake up confused. Heart torn in two directions. God on one side – him on the other.
If you go for the man and the life he appears to offer – you’re walking away from God. Oh, God will be there alright, but if you aren’t walking towards God, you’ve got to be putting distance between the two of you, right?
Distance from God results in darkness. You know this.
This man you want to give your heart to – realize that he is leading you to darkness!
Not because he himself is evil, but because you are choosing to focus on him, rather than focus on The Light.
You know this man is not a Christian.
He can’t walk in the light because he doesn’t know The Light.
 Doesn’t matter that he’s a “good guy”. Doesn’t matter that he has a good job and a bright future, that he respects friends, mother and animals, that he gives to a worthy cause or two. It just doesn’t matter. Follow him, you follow darkness and you embrace all that this implies.

So I’m just sayin’….Stay away from that man.
Put shoes on your wisdom and walk away.

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