Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God in a Box

A while back, I made a noise about wondering how long God was going to let me keep silent. When I said that, I had a whole other subject in mind....

In the past week I have seen just how badly the devil wants me to keep silent.

Guess what? (you already know) It's not gonna happen.

God has given me, and continues to pour into me, words to speak. For every negative comment I have received, there have been at least 5 (maybe more) who have spoke in confirmation. The negative comes from the same section in the bleachers. The positive confirmation comes from all over the place.
I used to think that I had God figured out. These things I knew:
  1.  God didn't like Air Conditioning. He wanted the old Baptist Church to remain hot in the summer. The little hand held paper fans were good enough for my grandma - so they were good enough for me. A/C was for people who could not withstand the hardships of the Christian Life. A/C was from the Devil.
  2. God did not like indoor plumbing either. What was wrong with the old outhouse? Huh? (Well, the deacons finally saw the wisdom of indoor plumbing)
  3. God definitely did not like Fellowship Halls that were attached to the main sanctuary. That was nearly blasphemous. Eating in the Church house!
  4. God hated contemporary Christian music almost as much as He hated rock music.
  5. If you did it on Sunday and it was ANYTHING but church, God hated it. You would be punished.
  6. God only read the Authorzied King James Version.
  7. God didn't like ANYTHING new, and God did not want any of us to enjoy anything (other than Church, of course) and God was totally, totally against the wealthy.

I will rest with seven (smile), although the list goes on and on.....

I won't even attempt to finish this writing on this subject tonight....there's way too much He wants me to say.

But the main thing He wants me to say tonight is this:

Don't put God in a box. Don't tell God that He can't use technology, that He can't use the rich and poor alike. Just don't. Please.

He is God, and it is ALL His to will and to do His good pleasure!

He LOVES you.

He loves you even if you don't like ME.

P.S. He doesn't like division in the Body of Christ.

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  1. I am so happy you are getting freed from the religious spirit. They are a scheme of the enemy to keep people from changing and moving with God. If you notice all of our ancestors through the word were constantly changing. Religion closes the windows of heaven so no one goes in or out. Our Greek mindsets are always wanting to explain or want to know. BUT thats not God's way. That is a Greek mindset..Knowledge to the hilt. There is a barbaric mindset where fear is in control as well. You will see this in churches who preach loss of salvation trying to use fear to control the people. these are the walls Jesus broke down. His promises His ability to keep them= Grace+Faith=Salvation....Great story Vickie...Love it..I too was a victim of this KRAP!!!! Thank God for His grace..He freed me of it..And is still doing so..