Sunday, March 4, 2012

...And the Heavens Opened.....

This will be short and sweet and maybe not quite the exciting thing to you, that it is to me.

I have experienced, or should say "re-experienced" something this morning. A thing I know well, and have often spoken of - a "God Thing."

Quite simply this: When we put forth the tiniest bit of effort, we are rewarded 100 fold by our Father....And by effort, I do not mean the "works of righteousness" that we tout, I simply mean the effort to approach Him at whatever level we are at the moment...In my case, I have been maintaining in word what I did not feel in actuality....I have continued to proclaim that "I am" - I am His Child, I am the righteousness of Christ, I am in authority over the enemy...All these are true - but I haven't been "feeling" them. (But we walk by faith,,,,and not by sight,,,,correct?)

So this morning, after reading ever so briefly in the books of John and Daniel (yeah, a strange mix)....and a gut level prayer that was just as brief and not very well articulated....I sat, with a cup of coffee in my hand and sleep in my eyes and watched as God opened the heavens to me....

What I mean by this, is God spoke to my heart....He flooded my mind with wonderful things that came so quickly I almost asked Him to 'slow down!'....but, and this is a I caught myself saying, 'I can't absorb all of this!', He spoke again and quite clearly I understood:

I have been stopping at the gates, when God has been saying "Come up higher!"

Yesterday, I read several posts by friends on facebook reflecting on this very thing - the fact that God is calling us to come up higher - to be more than a face in a crowd - to join and become a part of the "movement."

Thank you, Father, for this glimpse of Your glory....take me higher still...Amen.

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