Monday, January 16, 2012

What is Man??

And so, I sat in the shade of a great magnolia and pondered life. The pungent smell of earth and vegetation all around me.
Sunlight filtered through. Rays like knives thrusting themselves to part branches and leaves.
The majestic mountains making a show of strength on the horizon.
The handiwork of God.
And just as that long-ago sage, I silently asked: "What is man, that Thou art mindful of him?"
I look down, small insects scurry, carrying out their daily duties.
Still life and Animated life.
Yet it wasn't enough. God said,
"I need companionship. Even if my sons and daughters rebel and revolt.
Even if they touch the hot coals just to test the law of fire. Even if they lean too far and fall and break an arm.
Even if they eat that cookie in the cookie jar that I told them not to touch.
Even so. I need them.
I need companionship.
I am Love, and Love yearns to be requited.
I will welcome them back from the far lands of rebellion.
I will put aloe on the burned fingers.
I will mend the broken bones.
I will bake more cookies.
I am God, I am love, I love them.
That is what man is to me."

God, I thank you for this inspiration. I pray that you will keep my motives pure.
Prosper me – sustain me for the sole purpose of building the Kingdom.

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