Monday, January 16, 2012

Soapboxes and Pet Chickens

My mother would have been quick to tell you that we come from a long line of "stubborn" people.
I used to be proud of that fact. I thought it was a compliment to be called "hard-headed."
I had an opinion on everything, and most of the time it was right (I would rarely conceed otherwise).
I had more than one soap box. One labeled "Religion," one labeled "Politics," one labled "Family," and on and on it goes...way too many to count.
And I also had a chicken named Garcia, but that is beside the point.
Ahhh...Soap Boxes.....A funny thing happened to mine.
God actually showed me that I didn't need serveral, or one, or any.
And then He helped me to dismantle them.
Thank you, Lord.
But I do wonder what happened to Garcia.

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