Monday, January 16, 2012

These Hallowed Halls

Reflecting…over the past year…over the past two years…looking around the workplace and trying to remember the first time I came through these hallways as a student…. How foreign it all seemed at the time, and how very familiar it seems today.
People have called me brave and that humbles me. It wasn’t bravery that led me to the decision to drop to my knees and give God nine months of my life, it was desperation. Despair and hopelessness were my motivating factors when I walked through these doors back then…Obedience to the God of restoration and a heart for the hurting are what keep me here today. These two things, and gratitude. And did I really give God nine months? Nah, it’s all His anyway.
Every day I make eye contact with the eyes of desolation and fear. Every day I see these unanswered questions in those eyes, “Do I dare hope? Could it really be possible that God cares for me?”. If somehow, some way, I can give an ounce of hope to someone else, I will have accomplished a great thing. If by chance I can shine a ray of light into a darkened heart, I will have become a lighthouse.
God is surely in this place.
He was here the first day I walked these halls, and He thrives between these walls.
He served me manna when I was without resource.
Today, I serve Him.

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